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6 Factors in Maximizing Profitability in High-Precision Machining 6 Factors in Maximizing Profitability in High-Precision Machining

There are 6 Factors in Maximizing Profitability in High-Precision Machining.

1. Machine tool

The most important factor for high precision machining parts and high-quality parts is machine tool. Eight percent of today's manufacturers utilize their existing machine tools inefficiently because they lack scientific optimization methods.

high precision machined parts

2. Cutting tools

Prolonging tool life would be the key point when selecting. Although cutting tool manufacturers are trying all the way to improve quality and consistency, manufacturing industry can use advanced technology to find solutions with customized tools, so that tehy can improve toughness, wearing and heat resistance.

high precision machined parts

3. Working material

The accuracy maintained during machining depends on the work piece material to be processed. The mechanical and thermal properties of materials play an important role in selecting machine tools, cutting tools and the determination of the optimal processing parameters. All of these should be considered in a holistic way to achieve and sustain satisfying results. For example, although the processing and feeding speed of aluminium alloys are much faster, materials such as titanium and nickel-based alloys have low thermal conductivity and high chemical affinity. Therefore, they are processed at relatively lower cutting speeds and require machine tools with high rigidity, horsepower and torque capabilities. The heat created in the cutting process is in line with the cutting speed.

high precision machined parts

4. Cutting fluid

A factor to reduce costs as well as improve performance is to utilize the best cutting fluid. There are many factors to be considered when choosing cutting fluid correctly. Better material removal rate and surface finish can be obtained by choosing cutting fluid correctly. With the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the correct handling is also crucial. Even new technologies such as minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) need to be taken into account.

high precision machined parts

5. Machining accessories

Effective parts processing technology and fixture design will make parts processing faster, more accurate, and ultimately more profitable. Nonetheless, this depends on the culture of technological reconnaissance and improvement.

high precision machined parts

6. Machining parameters

Speed, feed depth of cut and cutter path are all essential in considering machining precision parts, and manufacturers should apply performance based optimization to improve incessantly.

high precision machined parts
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