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The Application of Brass Machined Components The Application of Brass Machined Components

The brass machined component has a range of uses. In the aspects of hydraulic valves, fittings, pipes, ship hardware, construction and fasteners and other aspects of the embodiment, it reflects good value. In the analysis of brass parts by optical/electron microscopy and metallographic techniques, it mainly introduces the failure modes. Other problems were discussed, such as cracking of brass machined component, lack of zinc, overwork and so on. Brass is an alloy of metallic copper and metal zinc, where copper content is between 58% and 95%.


In order to make the material more widely used, it is possible to add a small number of other elements besides zinc to improve the quality, and the proportion of small elements is controlled below 5%. We call alpha brass or cold worked brass with a copper content of more than 63%. The zinc content between 35% and 45% is known as alphabet or duplex brass. The main reason is that they contain a mixture of the original solid solution (alpha phase) and the new solid solution (beta phase) with high zinc content. There are more than 40 kinds of brass. SCC occurs under two conditions: high enough tensile stress and corrosion in the environment. Brass is usually reported together with the environment where ammonia or amine occurs. When the design is operated, the surface will form a porous layer, which is zinc free. The consequence of this operation is that it will leave some porous copper structures. And no matter the medium is acidic, neutral or alkaline, this operation can occur.

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