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Application of Precision Mechanical Parts Processing Application of Precision Mechanical Parts Processing

The processing technology of precision mechanical parts is not limited to the national defense and Aeronautics and Astronautics, and it has been extended to many fields of national economy, and the scale of the application has also increased greatly. Well, do you know the scope of the application of precision mechanical parts?

Computers, modern communications, film and television communication and other industries now need precision, ultra-precision processing equipment, as its rapid development of the support conditions. The precision and ultra-precision machining of the computer disk, the magnetic head of the VCR, the multifaceted prism of the laser printer, the photoreceptor of the photocopier, and other parts, all of them adopt the high efficient and large batch production mode. Sophisticated and ultraprecision processing technologies in developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, and Holland are in the front row in the world. This technology is used not only in the military sector but also in the production of civilian products.

In the future, our country will focus on super precision machining lathes, CNC ultra-precision machining machine tools, ultra-precision plane and outer grinding machine, and develop ultra-precision machining technology and application engineering to drive a batch of precision and ultra-precision basic functional components, such as ultra-precision spindle system, ultra-precision servo feed system, ultra-precision measurement system and automatic error compensation system, to meet the development needs of aerospace, aviation and computer industries.

When processing the precision or ultra precision mechanical parts, we  can use the secondary operation machine tool; milling flat machine tool; cutting machine; drilling machine tool; milling machine tool; milling cross machine; chamfering machine; tapping machine; milling plane machine; multi work machine; multi work machine; milling step machine; milling step machine; multi work Energy processing machine; combined machining machine; indexing milling machine; shaft machining machine. When the flat position is parallel to the slot position and the hole position is perpendicular to the flat position slot, it can be machined.  Different products can design relevant machines according to needs, and some machines can process many kinds of products. They have high efficiency, and their precision can reach +/-0.015MM. They are mainly applied to various kinds of the axis (diameter 2-25MM), potentiometers, radiators, plugs, lighting accessories and other fields. Copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, non-metallic materials can be used, and the shape can be round or square. It can be made according to the requirements.

The above is the application content of precision mechanical parts processing, I hope to help you!
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