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Choose Quality Cold Forged Rivets in China Choose Quality Cold Forged Rivets in China

Choose Quality Cold Forged Rivets at HEWCHO Although the term "cold" is used in the noun, actually cold forging for making cold forged rivets is carried out at room temperature. In all applications, the most common use of cold forging is standard or carbon alloy steel. The most common process, called die-forging, is to place metal in a mold and then it falls into the mold. According to the actual situation of the product, the hammer can actually drop from the metal very quickly. When torque is applied, the clamping load of the cap screw refers to the percentage of cap screw strength. The lid screws can be manufactured according to the customer's standards. In addition, the strength and clamping load are also defined. According to its performance level, torque diagrams can be used to identify the torque required for lid screws. When cap screws are tightened, they will be stretched and compressed, similar to springs. Compressed parts are used to withstand external forces rather than riveting screws. Cold forging china has a great developing future in world marketing. 


It turns out that this is a non-intuitive distribution; in this engineering model, the cap screw will not feel the increased load if the compressed part is subjected to no more than the clamping load. The model is limited in use and is effective only when the compression member is harder. For different reasons, the manufacturer tends to cold forged rivets instead of hot forged rivets. Because cold forgings require less work, some steps can be omitted, which saves costs. Cold forging is also not easy to be contaminated, so the surface of the parts produced will be smoother and neater.


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