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Cold Forging Service in China Cold Forging Service in China

Cold Forging Service

Cold forging service is one of the new processes for machining metal with less cutting pressure. It uses the plastic deformation of the metal under the action of external force to make the metal volume redistributed and transferred by means of the die, so as to form the required parts or blank. Cold forging service is suitable for the non-standard components such as bolts, screws, nuts, rivets, pins.

The equipment commonly used in cold forging service is a special cold header. If the production is not too large, workers can use a crank press or friction press instead.

The main advantage of cold forging service

Cold forging takes place at room temperature. It can improve the mechanical properties of metal parts. The following table is the comparison of mechanical strength between cold heading bolt and cutting bolt:

It can be seen from the table that the tensile strength of the bolt after cold forging is about 10% higher than that of cutting, and some bolts can even increase by 20%. This is because the metal fiber of the cold upsetting product will not be cut off and the internal structure of the metal is compacted, so the mechanical properties of the metal have been improved.

2.Cold forging services can improve material utilization. Taking cold upsetting bolt as an example, the material utilization ratio of hexagon head bolt is more than 99%. If machined, material utilization will be only 40%. The utilization ratio of cold forging nuts is about 80%, while that of cutting nuts is only 54%.

3.Cold forging services can greatly improve productivity. For example, compared with the original cutting process, the productivity of cold forging nut is about 25 ~ 30 times higher.

4.The multi-station cold header is adopted to realize the simultaneous processing of each part on one machine tool, reducing the equipment investment and transportation of semi-products in various processes. What’s more, the cold forging services can help with reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the working conditions.

5. Cold forging services can improve surface finish and ensure product accuracy. General finish can be up to V5. If there are special requirements, it can be up to V6. For the mass production of bolts, nuts and so on, cold forging services can guarantee their precision.

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