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Custom Machining Services in China Custom Machining Services in China

With an increase of personalization and diversification of industrial manufacture, a new business mode named “custom machining services” was born, which differentiates standard products,  instead, it belongs to non-standard components.

Standard components refer to standardization for all aspects such as structure, size, drawing method and marks completely, and work pieces including screw elements, keys, pins, antifriction bearings, nuts, bearings and rivets manufactured by special factories. From broad sense, it contains standardized mechanical parts like fastening pieces, connecting parts, driving medium, seal components, hydraulic elements, pneumatic components, axle bearing and spring. In a narrow sense of the word, it only points to standardized fasteners which is simplified as standard parts in China. These two concepts can coexist. Besides, standard parts in the industry such as those of automobile, module and hydraulic pipes, fall into the category of generalized standard parts. Custom machining services can customize the standard fasteners.

More and more people are paying attention to custom machining services.

Non-standard components are controlled freely by enterprises majorly due to no strict standard specification and relevant regulation of parameters are set by the government. A variety of non-standard components are without regulatory classifications at present. That is why custom machining services emerge.

Non-standard components of metals:

Custom machining services is convenient and efficient, which meets the individual requirements of customers. The manufacturers take advantage of devices to production according to the related blueprints provided by customers. Generally, machinofacture occupies. Raw materials, processing method, tolerances, surface treatment and fineness are set by customers, free from any certain forms. From Casting to fine finishing, a corresponding quality control of products should be done, and by the way, the procedure is complicated and has large changeability, thus the cost is higher than standard components in a general way.

Non-standard components of nonmetals:

It means the processing of nonmetal materials, such as plastics, woods and dimension stones. In recent years, plastic injection industry and plastic mould have developed very quickly and become refined increasingly. The design of curved face and incitation of numeral control lead the cost of non-standard processing and the levels of intolerance to promote greatly. Custom machining services set out to dominate this field.

Custom Machining Services
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