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Development of Precision Metal Stamping China Development of Precision Metal Stamping China

In recent years, China's mould production and marketing continue to climb, private enterprises continue to emerge, and the entry of foreign well-known enterprises and capital has promoted the rapid development of the mould industry. China has become a real big mould producer. However, considering mould production and demand, although the middle and low-grade moulds have fully realized self-sufficiency, the self-sufficiency rate of high-tech moulds represented by large, precise, efficient and high-performance moulds is still low, only about 60%, and a large part of them still rely on imports. Therefore, it is still a top priority for China's die and mould industry to upgrade the overall technical level, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and promote the optimization of die and mould industry structure.

precision metal stamping china

Stamping dies mainly include multi-station and multi-function stamping dies, automobile panel dies and precision stamping dies, etc. The present situation and development of precision multi-station and multi-function stamping dies are described here.

precision metal stamping china

High-speed precision stamping technology involves many fields such as machinery, electronics, materials, optics, computer, precision detection, information network and management technology, and it is a multi-disciplinary system engineering. The representative of advanced multi-station and multi-function stamping die mainly include precision multi-station progressive die, precision multi-station stamping transfer die, precision multi-function stamping die, etc.

precision metal stamping china
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