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How Many Kinds of Machining ? How Many Kinds of Machining ?

Now the industry of machined parts processing has developed quickly. Generally speaking, the methods of machined parts processing are more than one. Do you know how many kinds of machining are there? Today let's share with you!

1. Mechanical parts are formed in many forms:

(1): Thermal processing: casting, forging, welding, etc.

(2): Cold processing: lathing, planing, milling, punching, pressing, riveting, etc.

2. Cold processing also has many forms:

(1): Sheet metal parts: punching, pressing, riveting, etc.

(2): Integrated parts: lathing, planing and milling, etc.

3. The general machining is the processing of the integrated parts. The forms are as follows:

(1): Workpiece rotary machining: lathing.

(2): Tool rotary machining: drilling, milling, boring, plane grinding.

(3): Rotary machining of both workpiece and tool: inner round grinding, round grinding, rolling cutting.

(4): Rotary machining of neither workpiece nor tool: planing, inserting and pulling.

(5): Other forms: electrical machining, laser, water jet scalpel, etc.

4. Distinguish processing form according to the processing content:

(1): Machining of parts of revolving solid: lathing, Internal and external grinding etc.

(2): Surface processing: milling, drawing, plane grinding, etc.

(3): Hole processing: drilling, boring, expanding, eaming, pulling, grinding, etc.

(4): Groove processing: lathing, milling, plugging, pulling, etc.

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