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How Should the Turning Part Be Positioned? How Should the Turning Part Be Positioned?

High efficiency and high precision machining are one of the most important features of CNC machine tools. The positioning and clamping of the workpiece within the fixture are particularly important during the processing of the product. The product must be reasonably positioned according to the six-point positioning. Under-positioning, full positioning or over-positioning must be determined according to the actual production process. The fixture is a clamping device that covers almost all operations from machining to assembly. Since a large number of machining operations require clamping, the fixture design becomes very important in the manufacturing system, which directly affects the quality of processing, productivity and manufacturing cost.

turned parts

Turned parts
must follow the six-point positioning criteria:

Full positioning — all six degrees of freedom are limited.
Incomplete positioning (partial positioning) — Six degrees of freedom are not (and not necessarily) all limited.
Under-positioning — The degree of freedom that should be restricted is not limited according to the processing requirements.
Over-positioning — The same degree of freedom is limited by two or more repetitions.

The benchmark of the turned parts is used to determine the points, lines, and faces on which the geometric relationships between the geometric features on the production object are based.

turned part

The selection principles for cutting amount during roughing and finishing machining of turning parts turning parts are as follows:
(1)Selection principle of cutting amount during roughing machining: Firstly, select the amount of backing knife as much as possible. Secondly, according to the constraint conditions such as machine power and rigidity, the amount of feed should be selected as large as possible. Finally, the optimal cutting speed is determined according to the tool's durability.

(2)Selection principle of cutting amount during finishing machining: Firstly, according to the margin after roughing, the amount of backing knife is determined. Secondly, according to the surface roughness requirement of the machined surface, a smaller feed amount is selected. Finally, on the premise of ensuring the tool's durability, higher cutting speed is selected as far as possible.

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