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Information about Machining of the Turning Part 2 Information about Machining of the Turning Part 2

Generally speaking, the tolerance of inner bore can reach 0.02MM(or 0.03 if it is stainless steel or quick cutting steel products), and the roughness of inner bore can be as high as 0.8 through hook knife and step hole (except eccentric hole) through forming drill.

We can develop various parts and hardware non-standard turning parts according to the customer's drawing surface.

Aluminum CNC turning machine parts, precision non-standard turning parts, and lathe parts: It is produced by easy-cutting steel hexagonal rods. The tolerance of hexagonal rods and round rods selected by our factory is only -0.02MM. The hexagonal rods are fine-drawn, and the round rods are polished rods.

Non-standard turning parts:

It is completed in one time with an automatic lathe. The spherical surface precision is 0.01mm. This is also impossible for cold piers. The surface of the product can achieve the same mirror effect (not the effect of polishing, but only the effect of turning left is the effect of oxidized blackening of iron turning parts and the products after milling of iron turning parts)

Special threaded material made of hexagonal bar turning: SUS303 is often made of imported stainless steel. SUS410/416/420 (heat treatment up to HRC50) and SUS316F (with higher rust resistance) with high precision and exquisite appearance. Especially good for shafts, steps, milling, threaded parts. According to the customer's drawings, the maximum processing outer diameter is 32mm, and the longest processing length is 80mm or longer.

Specializing in the production of various precision hardware and plastic turned parts, such as studs, rivets, copper nuts, plastic inserts, bushings, precision small shafts, etc. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, computers, instruments, lighting, gifts, mechanical vehicles, plastic products and mechanical and electrical products. The factory has a precision CNC lathe, equipped with a strong professional debugging and technical staff. We provide CNC turning services, our CNC turning parts all made in China.
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