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metal stamping service

Stamping is a method of forming and processing workpiece (stamping piece) with required shape and size by applying external force to sheet, strip, pipe and profile by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging both belong to plastic processing (or pressure machining). The stamping blanks are mainly hot rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and steel strips. About 60 to 70% of the steel products in the world are sheets, most of which are stamped into finished products. The body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator fin, boiler drum, container shell, electrical machinery, electrical core silicon steel sheet and other parts of the car are all stamped by metal stamping service. Many product in our life such as instruments, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, and household utensils are also using metal stamping service.

Metal stamping service is to use a kind of production technology that can make the sheet metal be directly deformed in the die by the force of conventional or special stamping equipment, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of product parts. Sheet metal, mold and equipment are the three elements of stamping process. According to the stamping temperature, it can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. The former is suitable for sheet metal processing with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity, while the latter is carried out at room temperature, which is a common stamping method for sheet metal. Metal stamping service is one of the main methods for metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), which also uses the material forming engineering technology.

The die used in metal stamping service is called stamping die. Stamping die is a special tool for batch processing material (metal or non-metal) into the required stamping parts. The stamping die is very important in metal stamping service. Without the stamping die that meets the requirements, the batch stamping production will be difficult; and without the advanced stamping die, the advanced stamping process cannot be realized, either. Stamping process, die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping and processing, only when the three of them are combined can stamping parts be obtained.

Processing characteristics in metal stamping service

Compared with castings and forgings, stamping parts have the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can produce workpieces with stiffeners, ribs, undulations or flanges to improve their rigidity, which are difficult to manufacture by other methods. Due to the use of precision mold, the accuracy of the workpieces made by metal stamping service can reach micron level. The repetition of high precision and consistent specifications make the workpieces be capable to stamp holes, bumps and so on. Cold stamping parts need no longer to be machined, instead, only a small amount of cutting is enough. The precision and surface state of hot stamping parts are lower than that of cold stamping parts, but still it is better than that of castings and forgings and with less cutting amount, too.

Stamping is an efficient production method. Using compound dies, especially multi-position progressive dies, multiple stamping processes can be completed on a single press (single or multi-position), which realizes automatic production from strip uncoiling, leveling, blanking to forming and finishing. The metal stamping service has high production efficiency, good labor condition, low the production cost, and can generally produce hundreds of pieces per minute. Compared with other methods using machining and plastic processing. The metal stamping service has many unique advantages in both technology and economy.

1. Stamping production is highly efficient and easy to operate. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because stamping relies on punching die and stamping equipment to complete processing. The stroke times of ordinary press can reach dozens of times per minute, while the high-speed pressure of metal stamping service can reach hundreds or even more than a thousand times per minute, and each stamping stroke can obtain a workpiece.

2. Because the die ensures the size and shape accuracy of the stamping parts, and generally, the surface quality of the stamping parts will not be damaged in the process of metal stamping service. The life of the die is generally longer, so the stamping quality is stable, with good interchangeability, so the stamping pieces can be exactly the same as the die.

3. Stamping can produce parts with large size range and complex shape, such as small stopwatch, automotive longitudinal beam, panel, etc. With the cold deformation hardening effect of materials, the stamping strength and stiffness are higher in metal stamping service.

4. Generally speaking, stamping is free of chip and scrap. Its material consumption is less and no other heating equipment is needed. Therefore, it is a kind of material-saving and energy-saving processing method, which makes the cost of stamping parts lower.

Because of the superiority of stamping, stamping is widely used in various fields of national economy. For example, stamping is available in the aerospace, aviation, military, machinery, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railway, post and telecommunications, transportation, chemical, medical equipment, household appliances and light industries. It is not only used by the whole industry, but also is directly linked to stamping products. There are many large, medium and small stampings on aircraft, trains, cars and tractors. The car body, frame and rim are all processed by stamping. According to relevant statistics, 80% of bicycles, sewing machines and watches are stamped parts; 90% of TV sets, tape recorders and cameras are stamped parts; there are also food metal cans and shells, steel boilers, enamel bowls and stainless steel tableware, all of which are stamped products by molds; and even computer hardware needs the stamped parts.

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