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Position of Heat Treatment in Machining Process of Machine Parts Position of Heat Treatment in Machining Process of Machine Parts

In the process of processing machining parts, arranging the heat treatment process reasonably can make the cold and hot working procedures cooperate better and avoid the deformation caused by heat treatment. Do you know how to arrange the location of heat treatment reasonably?

1. Preliminary heat treatment: The purpose of the preliminary heat treatment is to eliminate the internal stress produced in the manufacturing process, improve the cutting performance of the metal material, and prepare for the final heat treatment. The preparation of the heat treatment is tempered, annealed, normalizing, etc. And after work, it is beneficial to eliminate residual internal stress.

2. Final heat treatment: Final heat treatment should be arranged after rough machining and semi-finishing, before or after fine finishing. Heat treatment with large deformation, such as carburizing, quenching and tempering, should be arranged before fine finishing in order to correct the deformation of heat treatment in fine processing, and the heat treatment with small deformation, such as nitriding, can be arranged after finishing.

3. Aging treatment: The purpose of aging treatment is to eliminate internal stress and reduce the deformation of the workpiece. Aging treatment is divided into three categories: natural aging, artificial aging, and ice cold treatment. The aging treatment is usually arranged after rough machining and before finishing; for parts with higher precision, a time of aging can be arranged after semi-finishing; cold quenching is usually arranged after tempering or finishing or at the end of the process.

4. Surface treatment: In order to prevent surface corrosion and make surface decoration, we need a surface coating or bluing. This surface treatment is usually arranged at the end of the process.

The production process refers to the whole process of making products from raw materials (or semi-finished products). For machine production, it includes transportation and preservation of raw materials, preparation of production, manufacture of blanks, processing and heat treatment of parts, assembly and commissioning of products, paint, and packaging, etc. The content of the production process is very wide. Modern enterprises organize production and guide production with the principles and methods of system engineering. The production process is regarded as a production system with input and output. It can make the management of enterprises scientific and make enterprises more responsive and competitive.

In the production process, the process of directly changing the shape, size, and performance of raw materials (or blanks) into finished products is called process engineering. And it is the main part of the production process. For example, casting, forging and welding of blanks, heat treatment to change the properties of materials, the mechanical processing of parts, etc., all of them belong to the process. The process is made up of one or more sequential processes.

The procedure is the basic unit of the process engineering. The so-called procedure is a part of the process that is completed continuously at one working place for one or a set of workpieces. The main feature of a procedure is that it does not change the object, equipment, and operator of the process, and the content of the process is continuous.

The above is the location of heat treatment in the process of machining parts, and I hope to help you!

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