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Positioning of High Precision Machining Parts Positioning of High Precision Machining Parts

The concept of precision machining is difficult to describe. The workpiece is not clearly defined as a high precision setting tolerance range. It is considered that high precision work can be done anywhere, from maintaining 5 micron tolerance for a large number of parts so as to maintain 2 micron, real positioning tolerance, so that the two parts can match accurately, to milling 50Rc hardened steel sheet with 50 micron. The end mill is located on a machine with a positioning accuracy of 0.3 microns.

Peter Pfister, operations manager of Finecast Ltd., a precision manufacturing plant in Montreal, Canada, said that in high-precision machining, part size and workload determine the challenge of specific tolerances.

high precision machined parts

In Kern's German store, high-precision machines operate in a vibrant climate control environment. These high-precision machines are separated from other machines in the workshop and away from other external vibration sources. In addition, Kern maintains the machine in a working area with a temperature controlled not exceeding +/-1 C.

As a builder of high precision workshops and machine tools, Kern. -und Feinwerktechnik GmbH&Co. near Munich, Germany, and its American subsidiary Kern.ision Inc., located in Webster, Massachusetts, know how to become a successful high precision workshop. Requirements include machine tools, measuring capabilities, tools, workshop environment and workpiece maintenance.

high precision machined parts

These machines perform well when temperature fluctuations are high, but for repeatable accuracy, the temperature should remain constant, Roser said. Kern is equipped with its internal thermal stability system to offer imperative temperature control.

The type of direct measurement system for high-precision machines, such as glass scales, is to calculate positioning. The glass flake is replaced by ball screw pitch and rotary encoder instead of positioning.

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