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Processing Stages of Precision Mechanical Components Processing Stages of Precision Mechanical Components

Today we share with you the processing stages of precision mechanical components:

When processing precision components, it is impossible to complete all the surface processing contents in one process. The entire process of precision machining can be divided into the following stages:

1. The stage of rough machining: Remove most of the finish allowance of each processing surface, process the fine datumthe, and increase productivity as much as possible.

2. The stage of semi-finishing machining: Eliminate the defects produced after the rough machining, and prepare for surface finishing. It is required to achieve certain machining accuracy, ensure proper finishing allowance, and complete secondary surface processing.

3. The stage of custom precision machining: At this stage, the large cutting speed, small load and cutting depth are used to cut off the finishing allowance left by the previous process, so that the surface of the part can meet the technical requirements of the sample drawing.

4. The stage of finishing cut: It is mainly used to reduce surface roughness or to enhance machined surface. It is mainly used for surface finishing with high surface roughness (ra < 0.32μm).

5. The stage of ultraprecision machining: The machining accuracy is between 0.1 and 0.01μm, and the value of surface roughness is ra ≤ 0.001μm. The main processing methods are precision cutting, mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing.

The enterprises which manufacture custom metal components has made many years of technical precipitation for the precision components of ¢0.5-¢20mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum. They include: more than 200 varieties of high-standard, high-quality and high-cleaning products for civil and military use, for example, custom microelement, stainless steel components, medical apparatus and instruments, lighting accessories, fasteners, connectors, instrument accessories, axes and axle sleeve, fiber connectors, lc tail handles, sc tail handle, precision mechanical parts, fiber optics, screw nuts, electronic product parts, copper and aluminum rivets. All of these can be selected by customers. In addition, we can also manufacture product of custom precision machining that satisfy our customers according to their different requirements.
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