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Purchase Skill for Machining Parts Purchase Skill for Machining Parts

In the field of machining parts processing, the purchase of suitable raw materials is the basis. Otherwise, it will not be able to produce good machining parts if we buy inferior parts to the process. Do you know how to purchase machining parts? Today, we will share with you the procurement skills of machining parts!

For enterprises, the procurement of spare parts is also a kind of scientific knowledge, the procurement of goods will directly affect the quality and efficiency of enterprise products.

1. the supply units must have ISO9000 certification to provide the required items.

2. the quality guarantee list provided by the quality inspection department must be provided.

3. Quality assurance of raw material for goods.

4. The demanding party must examine and authenticated the supplier's management system and incorporate it into the list of qualified suppliers in the enterprise, and can use the supplies provided by the supplier.

The above is the most basic matter of purchasing goods, and also the content that we want to share with you. We hope to help you!
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