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Stainless Steel Turning Parts 2 Stainless Steel Turning Parts 2

1.Mobile phone nut

Mobile phone nutMobile phone nuts are classified by material: copper and stainless steel. The copper nut of mobile phone generally USES the following material: C3604 yellow Copper, HPB59 series brass. Mobile phone stainless steel parts generally used: SUS303 or SUS304 or SUS416 stainless steel materials.

The mobile phone nut is classified according to the parts used on the mobile phone: the mobile phone nut is usually used in the plastic case of the mobile phone and the internal stamping parts of the mobile phone. The main function is to connect the plastic parts with other parts of the mobile phone, and also make the mobile phone stamping parts and other mobile phones. The parts are joined for fastening.

Mobile phone nuts are classified according to shape and appearance: divided into embossed nuts, knurled nuts, straight flower nuts, twill nuts, textured nuts, herringbone nuts T-nuts, round nuts, cap nuts, wing nuts, Hexagon nuts, ring nuts, square nuts, square welded nuts, etc.

Mobile phone nut processing equipment: cam-type automatic lathe. Mobile phone nut processing technology: automatic lathe hardware cutting. Mobile phone nut thread processing technology: The method of machining the inner and outer threads on the workpiece mainly includes cutting and rolling processing.

The phone nut is called in a broad sense. In addition to being used on mobile phones, this type of nut is also suitable for digital cameras, tablets, LCD TVs and other products.

2.Metal earphone shell

Metal earphone shells are generally used in high-end headphones because of their unique texture and mechanical strength. The main materials are aluminum alloy ear shell, copper ear shell, and titanium alloy ear shell. The surface treatment of the metal earphone shell mainly includes anodizing, electroplating, electrophoresis, baking paint (spraying), laser engraving (laser engraving), oil filling, and so on. Because the surface can be processed in more ways, various color systems can be customized. So it provides custom stainless steel parts.

In order to avoid scratching of the metal earphone casing, a special packaging of the blister disk is used in various aspects.

3.Lead out

Mainly used for electric heating pipes. The main materials are stainless steel 316, stainless steel 321, stainless steel 304, nickel-plated copper, aluminum alloy, nickel-plated iron and so on. Products are widely used in rubber machinery, plastic machinery, food machinery, spraying equipment, baking equipment, electroplating equipment, electronic equipment, electrical equipment, air conditioning, wave soldering furnace, microwave oven, electric water heater, coffee pot, oven, heater, and shoe Machine and other industries.

4.CNC lathe parts

The main materials are stainless steel 316, 303, 304, copper, aluminum alloy, nickel-plated iron and so on. Products are widely used in electronic cigarette accessories, auto parts, communication connectors, communication chambers, LED radiator shells, nozzles, joints, shafts, non-standard screws, sports equipment, stationery, high-end toys, children's products, mobile phone industry, headphones Industry, medical equipment, motors, thermostat electronics, potentiometers, encoders, printers, sensors, infrared stainless steel turned parts.

custom stainless steel parts

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