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The Procedure of CNC Turning Parts The Procedure of CNC Turning Parts

CNC technology is a technology that uses digital information to control mechanical motion and work processes. The application of CNC technology not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry but also made the manufacturing industry a symbol of industrialization.

CNC machine tool is a high, precision, pointed technology in one, set machine, electricity, light, the liquid in one of the high-tech products. It has many advantages such as high processing precision, stable and reliable processing quality, high production efficiency, strong adaptability and good flexibility. It becomes popular in various industries and is receiving more and more attention in terms of use.

To use the CNC lathe for turning parts, first of all, a step-by-step determination plan should be made, that is, the preparation work before the operation is clearly defined.

The principle of positioning benchmark selection

1) The principle of benchmark coincidence. In order to avoid the reference misalignment error and facilitate programming, the process reference should be selected as the positioning reference, and the process reference, positioning reference, and programming origin should be unified as much as possible.

2) The principle of easy clamping. The selected positioning reference should ensure accurate and reliable positioning, simple positioning and clamping mechanism, easy operation, good openness and ability to process as many surfaces as possible.

3) The principle of easy tool setting. The possibility and convenience of the tool are guaranteed when the workpiece coordinate system has been determined.

Commonly used clamping methods for CNC turning parts

1) Fix the clip on the three-jaw self-centering chuck.

2) Clamp between the two tips.

3) Use a chuck and a top clamp.

4) Fix with a mandrel.

cnc turning parts

Selection principle of cutting the amount

Selection principle of cutting amount during roughing

When roughing, try to ensure a high metal removal rate and the necessary tool durability.

Selection principle of cutting amount during finishing

When finishing, the machining accuracy and surface roughness are required to be high, and the machining allowance is small and uniform.

cnc turning parts

Select CNC turning tools

The commonly used CNC turning parts are divided into three types which are shaped turning tool, pointed turning tool, circular arc turning the tool. shaped turning tool is also known as template tool, and the contour shape of the machined part is completely determined by the shape and size of the turning edge of the turning tool. In CNC turning, the turning tool should be used with little or no use.

Determine the amount of cutting

Selection principle of cutting amount: to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the parts, to maximize the cutting performance of the tool, to ensure reasonable tool durability, and to fully utilize the performance of the machine to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Determination of cutting speed

The instantaneous velocity at which the cutting point on the cutting edge moves relative to the workpiece is referred to as the cutting speed. The unit of cutting speed is m/min. In all metal cutting machines, the main motion of most cutting operations is the formation of the motion of the machine tool spindle, that is, the rotary motion.

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