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The Requirement of Material for Machining Parts The Requirement of Material for Machining Parts

Before processing the precision machine parts, we must pay attention to the density of the material, if the density is too large, the hardness will be large, and if its hardness exceeds the hardness of the lathe, it is impossible to process. It will not only damage the parts, but also cause the danger, for example, the turning tool may fly out to hurt people and so on. So what are the requirements for the machining of precision mechanical parts?

Precision machined materials can be divided into two main categories: metal and non-metallic materials. For metal materials, the hardness of stainless steel is the largest, and the following is foundry iron, copper and aluminum. The processing of ceramics, plastics and so on belongs to the processing of non-metallic materials.

precision mechanical parts

The stainless steel used for machining precision mechanical parts:

1. The first is the requirement for the hardness of the material. For some occasions, the higher the material, the better the hardness. Because of the limitation of the hardness requirement of the machined parts, the machined materials can not be too hard, if it is harder than the machined parts, it can not be machined.

2. Secondly, the material should be soft and hard, at least lower than the hardness of the machine. At the same time, we need to see what the function of the processing device is and how to select the machine parts reasonably.

In short, precision mechanical processing of material still have some requirements. Not all materials are suitable for processing, such as too soft or too hard materials are not suitable for processing, the former has no necessarity tor process, and the latter is unable to process.

Therefore, generally speaking, for mechanical processing, the hardness of the material must be lower than the hardness of the machine tool, so that the material can be processed. And not all materials can be precision machined,some materials are too hard and their hardness is stonger than that of the machined parts, so these materials are not suitable for precision machining unless the machine parts made of special materials, or cutting by laser.
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