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What Are the Acceptances for Machining Parts? What Are the Acceptances for Machining Parts?

Before processing the machining parts, we should draw a drawing, which marks the processing requirements of the machining parts, but it can not guarantee that every part of the processing can reach the standard, so it will be accepted after the test. So, do you know what the acceptance of machining parts includes?

Specifically, this includes acceptance requirements and acceptance procedures:

1. Acceptance requirements

(1) Appearance check

A: Check whether the finish of machining parts meets the requirements of drawings.

B: Check whether the surface of the machining parts is damaged, rusty, bruised, and whether the thread shape and angle are correct.

C: If the above problems are found, detailed records should be kept for reference.

(2) Quantity acceptance

A: Based on the supply contract and processing voucher, the material, specifications, and quantity of the processed parts should be checked strictly against the drawings and should be checked one by one.

B: Do a good job in quantity acceptance record, specify the place of acceptance, time, personnel, category, name, and quantity.

(3) Quality acceptance

A: It is necessary to assemble strictly according to the requirements and procedures of final assembly drawings.

B: Keep the record carefully in quality acceptance. The quality problems of the processing parts should be informed in writing. And decide whether to return or replace it depending on the situation.

C: If there are special requirements, the processing units can be jointly checked and assembled, and the acceptance documents can be signed after the installation is qualified.

2. Acceptance procedure

(1) Upon receipt of the machining parts, the full-time acceptance personnel shall check and accept the materials, specifications, models, and quantities of the machined parts according to the requirements of the contract reference drawings.

(2) The acceptance period is generally 1-2 days. In particular, it is determined by the use effect. In case of quality problems, the goods can be returned to the processing unit, and we can claim and the processing unit will bear the economic losses.

(3) Generally, the processing contract signed by the non-production department will be directly checked by the Department in use and fill in the acceptance report.

(4) After acceptance, parts, and components that are not qualified will be inspector and inspector within the specified time limit.

(5) The acceptance of special precision parts shall be jointly checked and accepted by the full-time acceptance personnel, and the acceptance report shall be filled out in detail. The inspection sheet should be filled in in detail for the unqualified parts. It can be seen as the requirements for improving the processing precision and the selection direction of the subsequent parts and components.
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