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What Are the Main CNC Milling Machine Parts and Components? What Are the Main CNC Milling Machine Parts and Components?

The main parts of CNC milling machine include shaft, worktable, spindle, frame, NC controller and other accessories, while accessories include coolant, lubrication system, power tie rod, housing and fourth axis. Next we will introduce it in detail.


The rack is located on the ground or foundation of the CNC milling machine. It acts both a support and a damper for machine vibration. The frame material may be granite-filled welded structure. Almost no steel is generally used as a milling frame, because it has some spring properties and very little damping capacity. There is another innovative idea, which is to use epoxy resin with different sizes of stone in welded steel containers. The epoxy granite mixture is a good damper, and the strength increases when it is confined to steel vessels. Install foundation bolts on the frame so that they are rigidly connected to the ground.

The CNC milling machine is connected to the frame to provide movement in each direction. Since the machine is controlled by a computer, it is programmed. It can also be done manually. A normal CNC is called a 3-axis CNC. And can move in three directions. The components which are connected to the CNC shaft include motors, various modes, worktables, limit switches and lead screws. Typically, shafts move in the XY and Z directions, but sometimes an optional 4th axis is required, and it is kept in the attachment list. Five axis milling is also visible, but not very common. The motor can offer motion for the table in a way that provides smooth sliding motion. Swallowtail and straight line are often used in shaft assembly. The lead screw provides linear motion when extracting the rotating motion of the motor.


The table is usually located at the top of the saddle. The T slot is used to store objects such as work pieces and fixtures. In CNC milling operations, the motor will move the worktable and get the signal from the program code.

The spindle is a rotary tool holder. These tools are mounted in the conical part of the spindle. The spindle has RPMS in different sizes. Spindle speed may be changed. The spindle speed can be set up according to the characteristics required by the materials needed. Spindles are mainly divided into three types: the spindle of the bullet, the spindle and the spindle.


The CNC controller in the CNC milling machine sends signals to the motor in the machine tool and moves on the CNC axis. Electronic control works as the main part of the machine and executes electrical and electronic equipment as input code.

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