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Why Choose Aluminum Used For The Cnc Machining Parts? Why Choose Aluminum Used For The Cnc Machining Parts?

In the earth's crust, oxygen and silicon are very rich elements, while aluminum occupies the third place. It is a metal used in industry, relatively new, and the application time is short, less than 100 years. Moreover, aluminum alloy has the characteristics of economical and practical, light quality and beautiful appearance. Generally speaking, the aluminum CNC machining parts made of this metal are cheaper because of the short processing time, especially when compared with steel, which is a metal material, and no additional process is required. In production, some other elements, such as copper, magnesium and zinc, are usually added to pure metals to make them harder. It can resist corrosion, because it can form a thin protective layer when exposed to air, and it is this protective layer that keeps its surface from rusting. In addition to this characteristic of corrosion resistance, it is also very easy to process. It has good strength and high mass ratio. Because compared with steel, its quality is about 1/3 of steel. At the same time, it can also conduct electricity and heat. It is these two characteristics that make it the best radiator. It can reflect light and heat, and has two characteristics of being non-magnetic and extensible. Aluminum has the characteristics of affordability, softness, durability and corrosion resistance.


It is precisely these characteristics that make it one of the most widely used materials nowadays, and make the aluminum CNC machining parts the first choice of many people. In today's society, finished parts made of aluminium are also widely used in other areas with higher requirements, such as aerospace, military medical, and industrial engineering. Because of the high requirement of parts and components in these fields, special technology and numerical control machine tools are needed to carry out numerical control processing of aluminium alloy in the production process. Aluminum has been selected as a material for making quark (TM) spinning gyroscopes because of its lightweight and lightweight characteristics, maximizing the external and minimizing the internal. However, in the process of pressure matching tungsten carbide ball, it is necessary to add the appropriate intensity on the top cone. Rapid turning CNC processing is the most suitable, for it can be used in many aspects, such as prototyping, forming and testing coordination and other terminal applications.

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