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Grounding and Precision Stamping Products Grounding and Precision Stamping Products

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology and the rapid progress of science, human beings have developed more humane and convenient products for the pursuit of a more ideal and comfortable living environment. Because of this, the high-frequency and broadband instruments and equipment that only appear in national defense institutions and research institutions are gradually integrated into everyone's life.

The most terrible thing about the harm caused by electromagnetic wave to human is that it is invisible, and ordinary people can't feel its power. Until the science has been increasing in recent years, some people began to make a more rigorous discussion on the harm of electromagnetic wave to human body.

To investigate the electromagnetic radiation factors, that is, on the printed circuit board where the electronic components are located, the electronic components generate different frequencies and current flow on the copper foil circuit of the circuit board. If the ground circuit of the signal flow is not equal in high frequency due to the potential difference, it is easy to cause the ground circuit signal, thus causing electromagnetic interference. In order to minimize the impedance of the grounding system, the most effective method is to adopt more contacts to reduce the noise caused by the impedance of the grounding circuit. Precision stamping products are particularly important.

Ningbo Hewcho Industrial Limited has been committed to anti electromagnetic interference solutions for many years. Its products in conductive foam, conductive cloth, copper foil, suction cup material, metal reed and shield cover have become indispensable materials for electromagnetic shield cover and the basis for EMI engineers. However, in order to improve the impedance of the grounding system, Huicheng continues to develop surface adhesive spring products andprecision stampingproducts. We are looking forward to doing our best for our customers.

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