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How to Choose CNC Customized Machining Service? How to Choose CNC Customized Machining Service?

I. Materials of custom CNC machining

The application of CNC machine parts materials is very widespread. Aluminum is the most widely used material, affordable, easy to process, and the strength to weight ratio is very superior and varied.

Aluminum alloy is a high-quality aluminum alloy product which is produced by heat treatment process, The materials used as machining parts of CNC have excellent processing performance and excellent welding characteristics, electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, material density without defects, easy to polish, easy coloring and excellent oxidation effect.

304 stainless steel has high toughness, good corrosion resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, characteristics of good thermal processing properties such as stamping and bending. It can be available for custom CNC machining, also includes brass, red copper, zinc, engineering plastics.

II. CNC custom machining tool

The CNC machine parts differ from one another in type, shape, and material, therefore, select the tools and handles suitable for processing. Based on the principle of convenient installation adjustment, high rigidity, durability and high precision.

III. Customers should customize the processing mode of CNC machining

Different models of CNC machining center are also slightly different, some machining centers with large trips are suitable for machining molds, some are suitable for larger metal parts, while some CNC machining centers are suitable for small hardware parts.

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