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Iron Rivets C of Halfen Iron Rivets C of Halfen

The emergence of slot type embedded parts effectively solves the problem of stress point of large-scale exterior curtain wall. China's high-speed rail channel market is about 1 billion yuan, and Germany's halfen accounts for 70%. Industry insiders said that halfen trough, the railway drawing of China Railway Design Institute, directly designated the use of halfen, rather than technical standards. Halfen uses expensive stainless steel in Germany and carbon steel in China. More industry insiders confirmed that China's high-speed rail is actually produced domestically, with an origin of almost less than a quarter. The application of the channel embedded curtain wall project can realize the unit construction program in the true sense. The utility model has the advantages of balanced stress, andiron rivets C of halfen are convenient to install and easy to adjust.

Compared with the general rectangular thread, the width of the bottom of the iron rivets C of halfen is much wider, so the back angle must be taken.

Secondly, finish the flanks of both sides with the turning tool which is consistent with the basic profile of trapezoidal thread. In order to process the tooth side, the tooth of trapezoid thread will increase. When a turning tool processes both sides, the force is too large, so it is necessary to process one side by one side. To process trapezoid thread, when processing rectangle first, try to process only 8 points. The feed rate of rectangular thread can only be about 0.05-0.1mm.

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