Ningbo Hewcho Industrial Limited.
CNC Machining Parts Together with 20 years of experience in the manufacturer of machining parts Ningbo Hewcho is the professional of finished parts and components.

We can be your reliable partner for turned parts, milled parts, machined parts, cold forged parts, metal stamped parts, special screws, threaded parts or any parts according to drawings, made of aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel.
  • CNC Turning Parts
    The turning is a multiple machining by cutting, milling, drilling and tapping, based on different types of rod material. A turning center is usually equipped with special cutters to precisely machine the outer ...
  • CNC Milling Parts
    No matter which milling task you have, our manufacturers are at your side with help and advice. Get an insight into the production spectrum of the individual suppliers and convince yourself!
  • Cold Forging Parts
    Cold forging allows for the manufacturing of hollow and solid parts made of steel and non-ferrous metals in one or multi-stage manufacturing processes. The materials are being cold formed by presses with a high...
  • Metal Stamping Parts
    We are in a position to support our customers in their stamping parts. Cutting, punching, rounding, bending, welding, and assembly - our team and equipment allow us to offer the complete range of metalworking.
Company Profile
Ningbo Hewcho Industrial is an ISO:9001 and ISO/TS16949 certified company dedicated to manufacturing superior-quality Precision CNC machined parts and custom metal components to customer specifications. With a strong focus on continual improvement, our company only utilizes best-practices to ensure that the work we do for our customers is done in the most efficient, precise and cost-effective way possible.

Quality and delivery time is the most important course thing for us. For this reason, our team works in two shifts to be able to realize tight deadlines. In addition to our optimal price-performance ratio, we are characterized by a high level of flexibility and quality. In addition, we are always interested in providing our customers with the best solution to reach the customer's requirement.
Service Ningbo Hewcho Industrial Limited use advanced equipment to offer CNC turning, CNC milling, cold forging and metal stamping solutions to fulfil most requirements for volume productions with competitive price and good quality. We are committed to precision quality , on time delivery, and overall excellence in the production of machined parts as required by our clients. We strive for accuracy and promptness from the beginning to end of each production process.
  • Machining Service CNC machining service are currently used in a variety of applications , the machined parts have become indispensable components for the production of a wide variety of products. more
  • Turning Service CNC Turning service is often used for the production of special components, especially in the field of volume production , the extensive advantages of CNC turned come to the fore. more
  • Milling Service In the machining process, CNC milling is in contrast to CNC turning, the tool executes the main movement in the rotational movements. more
  • Cold Forging Service Cold forging service minimise raw material consumption via the "near net shape" approach, and thereby achieve significant cost savings versus classical turned part manufacturing. more
  • Metal Stamping Service Metal stamping is one of the non-cutting deformation processed for sheet mate. Include Punching, edging, bending, deburring. more
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