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Aluminum CNC Service Aluminum CNC Service

Ningbo Hewcho Industrial Limited is a private enterprise specializing in the production and processing of all kinds of precision product parts, clamping tools, hardware, plastic mold processing Our factory provides aluminum cnc service.

We have six imported aluminum cnc machining center machines for aluminum products, three fine iron engraving machines and several 100000 RPM high gloss machines, as well as a series of supporting mechanical equipment such as milling machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, tapping machine, polishing machine, vacuum pump, etc.

With excellent processing technology, from the independent development and design of jigs, to the production of jigs, product processing and production. We ensure to provide customers with stable and high-quality aluminum CNC Machining products and services on time and efficiently, and strive to constantly improve our technical level.

Miao Sheng, the founder of our company, has been engaged in the design and programming of the processing center before the establishment of the factory. He has more than ten years of practical work experience. After the independent portal, he has brought out a large number of skilled and practical programming technicians and operators. He can skillfully use the excellent software such as PROE, MASTERCAM, UG and POWERMILL to form a very excellent and stable technical team.

Our factory has three years of professional experience in fixture design and manufacture. We can design and manufacture fixtures efficiently for all kinds of products and spare parts of our customers, optimize the processing time of products, and meet the quality requirements and delivery time of our customers.

Production items:
1. Aluminum cnc service for spare parts and aluminum products: our factory has advanced tool magazine system, which can mass produce mechanical parts, automation equipment parts, aluminum alloy products, auto parts, die-casting products, finishing, processing, heat sink, digital product wrench, etc.

2. Mobile phone factory has many years of experience in making mobile phone jigs, including all kinds of mobile phone jigs, melting hardware and hot-melt decorative parts, etc.), SMT (alloy stone) jigs, cold pressing jigs, silk screen jigs, plastic jigs, sticking foam jigs, radium carving jigs, water cutting jigs, testing jigs, polishing jigs, sticking back glue jigs, etc.

3. CNC processing of mould: be able to cooperate with the production cycle of customers to achieve timely delivery, high quality and even price. The processing projects include all kinds of plastic molds, including mobile phone precision mold, key TPU soft rubber mold and zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die casting mold, hardware bending mold, drawing mold, plastic absorbing aluminum mold, hot pressing aluminum mold, etc. Our tenet is: honesty, customer first, innovation and perseverance.

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