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Information about Machining of the Turning Part 1 Information about Machining of the Turning Part 1

Firstly, Cutting the amount of turning parts

1. Cutting speed VC Cutting speed has a complicated influence on surface roughness. Generally, there will be no debris tumor when cutting at low speed or at high speed, so the surface roughness value after processing is small. Higher cutting speed can also greatly improve productivity. For example, YT15 is used to cut 35 steel, and the critical cutting speed is v > 100m/min.

2. The surface roughness value will be reduced by appropriately reducing the feed amount f.

3. Generally speaking, the effect of cutting depth ap on the roughness of the machined surface is not obvious. However, when ap < 0.02~0.03mm, due to the influence of machining radius, extrusion, skidding and periodic cutting of the machined surface often occur, thus increasing the surface roughness. In order to reduce the surface roughness, the cutting depth should be selected according to the sharpness of cutting edge grinding.

Secondly, Machining tool parameters for turning parts

1. Increasing the edge Angle is favorable for reducing surface roughness. As the size of shielding s increases, the Angle before the actual work increases, and the cutting force F decreases significantly, thus reducing the vibration of the processing system and the roughness value of the processed surface.

2. The main Angle k cabinet, the secondary Angle k 'cabinet, the Angle k cabinet and the secondary Angle k 'cabinet, as well as the increase of the radius r rake, can reduce the cutting residual area and reduce the surface roughness.

3. The increase of surface profile o helps to reduce surface roughness. Large front - Angle cutting edge sharp, cutting layer plastic deformation and friction resistance small, cutting force and cutting heat reduction. However, the dimensions o cannot be too large, otherwise, the workpiece or cutter will be embedded, and the surface roughness value will be increased instead.

4. Improve the cutting edge grinding quality and reduce the roughness values of the front and rear surfaces of the cutter to be no larger than ra1.25mm.

5. Choose tool materials with low workpiece affinities, such as ceramic or titanium carbide for cutting carbon tool steel, and non-ferrous metal processing with diamond or ceramic tool.

cnc turning machine parts

Main types of turning parts:

Fasteners: including all kinds of precision machine dental screws, self-tapping screws, triangular screws, combination screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, washers, springs, lathes (non-standard parts).
Furniture hinge: slip-in hinge grand 17, slip-in hinge middle 8, slip-in hinge straight arm 0, card-in hinge grand 17, card-in hinge middle 8, card-in hinge straight arm 0.
Machining: precision stamping parts, shaft core, pneumatic joint, CNC computer lathe.

The material used for turning parts processing:

The main raw materials used in CNC turning machine parts are: carbon steel (including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, spring steel), stainless steel (SUS201 SUS202 SUS302 SUS303 SUS304 SUS316 SUS416), alloy steel, zinc aluminum alloy, easy car Iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, PVC, bakelite, nylon, etc.

Manufacturing standards for turning parts:

Our manufacturing standards are mainly based on ISO (international standard), GB (Chinese standard), JIS (Japanese standard), DIN (German standard), BS (British standard), ANSI (American standard), enterprise standard (customer provided drawings).

Surface treatment of turning parts

The main types of surface treatment of our products are: white zinc trivalent, black zinc trivalent, blue zinc trivalent, colored zinc trivalent, nickel plated, copper plated, copper plated, silver plated, chrome plated, bronze plated, imitation gold, common pot black, high temperature pot black, dacron rust, head spray paint, surface dyeing, drop-proof treatment (NYLOK). The products comply with the environmental protection standards such as ROHS and SONY and can provide third-party inspection certification (such as SGS report).

We provide CNC turning services, our company sells CNC turning parts made in China.

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