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An Introduction To The Hydraulic Cylinder Spare Parts Material An Introduction To The Hydraulic Cylinder Spare Parts Material

An introduction to the hydraulic cylinder spare parts material Engineering hydraulic cylinder, with its simple structure, strong process adaptability and small environmental pollution, has become one of the most important irreplaceable devices in the field of transmission. It is widely used in various fields of national economy, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, national defense, power electronics, plastics, machinery, metallurgy and light industry. Engineering hydraulic cylinder is mainly composed of cylinder block, piston, piston rod and other auxiliary parts. Not only is the structure of each part carefully designed, but also their materials are specially selected to meet the characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder. When choosing the material of the cylinder block, we should also consider the system where the hydraulic cylinder is located. If the hydraulic cylinder in the machine tool is used, the material of the cylinder block is mostly made of high strength cast iron. When the pressure exceeds 8 MPa, it is suggested to replace it with seamless steel pipe.

hydraulic cylinder spare parts

For hydraulic cylinders equipped in construction machinery, 35 steel and 45 steel seamless steel tubes are usually used as cylinder materials. When the pressure is high, 27SiMn seamless steel tubes or 45 steel can be used to forge, which is enough to cope with high-strength pressure. Secondly, the material of piston in hydraulic cylinder is related to its structure. Generally, the integral piston is made of 35 steel and 45 steel, while the assembled piston is made of gray cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron and aluminium alloy. Bronze, brass and nylon wear-resistant sleeves can be installed outside the steel piston blank for special needs. In a hydraulic cylinder, the piston and the supporting piston rod work together, so the material of the piston rod is similar to that of the piston, generally 35 and 45 steel. Alloy materials such as 55 steel or 40Cr are used only when the impact vibration of hydraulic cylinder is very large.

hydraulic cylinder spare parts

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