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Methods of Machining AluminIum Parts Methods of Machining AluminIum Parts

Mechanical machining of aluminum CNC machining parts can be divided into deformation alloy processing. Deformed aluminium alloys can be divided into non-heat-treated and heat-treated strengthening aluminium alloys. Non-heat-treated strengthening aluminium alloys can not improve mechanical properties by heat treatment. Aluminium alloy melted by adding some metal or non-metal elements into pure aluminium is a new kind of alloy material. Because of its small proportion, high specific strength and good comprehensive properties, it is widely used in the aviation industry, automobile manufacturing industry, power meters, tools and civil appliances manufacturing. With the development of the national economy and the advancement of economic integration, the output and consumption of aluminium alloys are much higher than that of iron and steel. The research on properties of aluminium alloys should be strengthened.

machined aluminum parts

1) The two cutting edges of the bit should be ground symmetrically as far as possible, and the axial swing difference between the two edges should be controlled within 0.05 mm, so that the load of the two edges can be uniform, so as to improve the cutting stability, and the radial swing difference of the bit should be less than 0.03 mm.

2) Choose a drilling machine with high accuracy. If the radial-circular run-out error of the main shaft of the drilling machine is large, floating chuck can be used to clamp the drill bit.

3) Adequate cooling and lubricating fluids should be provided during drilling.

4) Use new or all parts with dimensional accuracy close to tolerance requirements. Because the bit will wear after repeated use, and affect the accuracy of the aperture.

5) Pre-drilling should prevent the formation of the more chilled layer, otherwise, it will increase drilling load and wear fine drill bit.

6) Correctly sharpen the cutting angle and improve the surface roughness.
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