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The Difficulties of China Precision Stamping The Difficulties of China Precision Stamping

Here is a list of the difficult problems to be solved in the "precision" stamping mould design in China.

1. Mold design and manufacturing

It is difficult to innovate the planning and manufacturing skills of precision stamping mould, and to master the key planning contents and skills in many advanced mould as well as the skills, theories and core skills in the manufacturing process. As a result, it is difficult to improve the overall level of mould, and there is still a lack of support for relevant planning and manufacturing skills to reach or even surpass the international advanced level.

2. Mould service life Due to the influence of mould data, heat treatment and manufacturing and installation skills, the use time of stamping mould in China is basically lower than that of the international advanced level, and the distance is more than 30%.

3. Mould test and safety reliability

The reliability and stability of the mould are the criteria for evaluating the quality of the design and manufacture of the mould and the guarantee for the normal operation of the mould. Our country lacks the deep excavation of the tacit knowledge and skill accumulation in the design and manufacture process of multi-station and multi-function china precision stamping mould. Compared with the advanced technology of mould without test procedure being discussed abroad, the distance between the test skill of mould and the reliability and stability of mould in our country can not be concealed.


4. Mould foundation and core technology The research on the basic theory and skills of stamping mould is not deep enough, which leads to the slow development of the basic theory and skills of mould design and manufacturing. Besides, the specialization division of stamping mould enterprises can not be refined. Small but short, large and complete mould enterprises still occupy the leading position, and their own skills and innovation ability lag behind foreign advanced mould enterprises.

5. New mould technology

Most enterprises in our country still focus on the serialization and industrialization of single-pair progressive mould in the past. They haven't grasped the core technology of special high-precision cutting mould and have little contact with multi-functional composite dies.

6. Mould commonly used facilities and parts

The common parts and matching skills and quality level of heat treatment, materials, standard parts and other mould parts in China are low. The basic parts and matching parts of advanced mould mainly depend on imports. Therefore, our country urgently needs to improve the skills and quality level of commonly used parts and matching parts of mould.

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