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Why Choose Aluminum Cnc Parts From China HEWCHO? Why Choose Aluminum Cnc Parts From China HEWCHO?

Aluminum parts are economical, lightweight and beautiful. Components made of this metal are cheaper than others because they take less time to process than metals such as steel and do not require additional processes. Secondly, because pure metals are easily deformed, and some other elements, such as copper, magnesium and zinc, will be added to make them rigid. In addition, it can resist corrosion. When it is exposed to the atmosphere, it forms a thin protective layer on the surface, which can prevent the surface from rusting.


In addition to this characteristic of corrosion resistance, it is also very easy to process. It has good strength and high mass ratio. Because compared with steel, its quality is about 1/3 of steel. At the same time, it can also conduct electricity and heat. It is these two characteristics that make it the best radiator. It can reflect light and heat, and has two characteristics of being non-magnetic and extensible. Aluminum CNC Parts have the characteristics of softness, durability, light weight, good toughness and ductility. Its color changes with the roughness of the surface, mainly in silver and dark gray. It is also non-magnetic and non combustible. Aluminum CNC Parts belongs to tin white metal; its melting temperature is 640 degrees; its weight is light; its density is 2.68. It can conduct heat and electricity. Although for a given wire section, it is not as good as copper, it can be used in aerospace or medical industry precision CNC processing.


In the process of processing aluminium, there is a way to make the cutting tool lose its function, that is, when the material being processed is adhered to the cutting edge of the tool. If this happens, the cutting ability of the tool will be greatly reduced. If the tool is not sharp, it will no longer be able to cut the material. Therefore, tool material and coating selection are two important factors.
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