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Why Choose Brass Used For CNC Parts? Why Choose Brass Used For CNC Parts?

Brass is a metal alloy, which is made of copper and zinc. The ratio of zinc to copper can vary, resulting in a series of brass with different properties. To ductility, brass is better than bronze or zinc. Brass is one of the most widely used materials in the world. The melting point of brass is rather low(900 to 940 °C, 1,650 to 1,720 °F, depending on composition). This point, as well as the flow characteristics, can make it a material that is easier to cast. The properties of brass can be changed by changing the ratio of copper to zinc, according to which brass is divided into hard and soft one. Generally speaking, brass's reputation is mainly due to the following characteristics: good strength and strong conductivity. Polishing is easy, and it seems to be widely used.

CNC machining to produce brass CNC parts is a subtractive manufacturing technology. In CNC system, CAD mode can be used to remove some material from the entity and produce parts. In this process, a lot of fast rotating tools will be used. Besides metal, CNC machining can also be applied to plastics. It has the following characteristics: the parts processed are very precise and the tolerance is small. CNC machine tools can be used for mass production or for one-time processing. In fact, CNC machining to produce brass CNC parts is the cheapest way to cast metal prototypes, even compared with the technology of the 3D printing.

Quality precision machining is demanding and requires the ability to track very accurate blueprints drawn by CAD or CAM programs such as Autodesk Inventor, HSM, and Solid CAM. The software has many uses and can help create complicated, three-dimensional charts or rough patterns to create tools, devices, or objects. Therefore, we must observe the details of these blueprints to ensure the integrity of the products. Like other precision CNC companies for production of brass CNC parts, we can use machinery to process metals and plastics, to produce better quality software and tools by alternating, and to help with CAD design and CAM programming. The specific turnaround time of the custom component is 2 weeks, which is with emergency options.

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