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Why Choose Custom Brass Parts at HEWCHO? Why Choose Custom Brass Parts at HEWCHO?

Why Choose Custom Brass Parts at HEWCHO? Compared with other materials, the custom brass parts have several advantages. Parts made of brass are more durable, cheaper, and even more sealable than others. In addition, the industry has more advantages in heat resistance and corrosion. In the manufacturing industry over the past few years, the custom brass parts have become our favorite. It is composed of zinc and copper, and each of the two metals accounts for a certain proportion. The color of brass is dark yellow, widely used in life, from containers, lids, handles, musical instruments, pins to bolts and so on. Many of the characteristics of brass and brass alloys are the reasons why they become the most commonly used materials for washing machines. Brass has the characteristics of plasticity and low melting point, which make it suitable for materials that need to be exposed. And it has strong corrosion resistance; for example in the corrosive environment of seawater, it can produce useful materials. If other metals such as bronze and zinc are added, alloys with higher hardness can be produced. The parts made of brass have better sealing performance. It has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, easy processing and connection. Better still, it can save a lot of costs. If it is under high pressure, its performance is stronger.

custom brass parts

Our custom brass parts services include making brass parts, and we will satisfy the specific requirements of customers. In the brass turning parts workshop, our engineers will make every effort to do a good job of service, and maintain good relations of cooperation with customers. Engineers will use precision CNC machining technology to produce high-quality brass parts.
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