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Automobile Spare Parts Automobile Spare Parts

Auto spare machining parts is main product that constitutes whole processing of auto parts and serves for processing of auto parts.

With increasingly fierce competition in auto parts processing market, popular idea of environmental protection, and continuous upgrading and application of technology, as main products of auto spare parts industry, precision cnc machined parts have shown following characteristics in recent years:

①Trend of supporting and modularized supply of machining auto spare parts processing system is in ascendant
②Globalization of machining auto spare parts processing and purchasing
③Speed up transfer of machining auto spare parts processing Industry

Enterprise reorganization
The major automobile companies in the world have reformed the supply system and implemented global production and global procurement, that is, transforming the mode of purchasing from a number of auto parts manufacturers to a small number of system suppliers; from single auto parts procurement to module procurement; from domestic procurement to global procurement. The transformation of the purchasing system of automobile manufacturers requires auto parts manufacturers to constantly adapt to it. It not only requires auto parts manufacturing enterprises to expand their own strength and improve their product development capabilities, but also to achieve system development and system supply. At the same time, it also requires to shorten the development cycle and provide quality and cheap products. This reform has promoted the process of merger and acquisition and reorganization of automobile parts industry all over the world.

Technological progress
Major automobile parts manufacturers have applied aerospace, aviation and electronics technologies to automotive parts and assemblies, and safety, electronic, energy-saving and environmental protection technologies have been widely used in automobiles. Especially, the new technology, represented by electronic information technology, is not only widely used in automobile products, but also has extended to many aspects, such as development, design, trial manufacture, production and management. It has been applied not only to single automobile parts, but also to system assembly.

Parts and components enterprises set up research and development center, can “quickly” develop products, meeting the urgent needs of the market; it can “accurately” achieve “localization”, close to the market; it can also apply “new” technology into production, that is, ensuring quality and reducing costs. In fact, some of the new technologies of parts companies are leading the car factory.

In order to reduce the cost and occupy the market, many automobile parts multinational companies have developed to internationalization. European auto parts manufacturing enterprises have invested overseas to carry out international production; North American auto parts manufacturers have invested in Europe, but also want to expand the Eastern European market; Japanese auto companies are also constantly setting up their own branches around the world. The emerging Asian market is the focus of the competition among the major automobile parts multinational companies, and China is even more important.
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