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Machining Parts for Electrical Appliance
Electrical appliance generally refers to all appliances that use electricity. From a professional point of view, it mainly refers to the switch on and breaking of the circuit and the transformation of circuit parameters; an electrical device, equipment and component for controlling, regulating, switching, detecting and protecting electric circuits or electrical equipment; From the perspective of ordinary people, it mainly refers to some electricity equipment commonly used in the household to provide convenience for the life, such as television, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, a variety of small appliances and so on.

Foreign countries usually classify household appliances into four categories: White appliances, black appliances, beige appliances and new green appliances. White goods refers to products that can replace people's housework, such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc., or products that provide people with a higher quality of living environment, such as air conditioners and electric heaters; Black appliances are products that can provide entertainment, such as color TV sets, audio, game consoles and so on; Beige appliances refer to computer information products; Green household appliances refer to products that can be used efficiently and save energy on premise of qualified quality. Green appliances do not cause harm to human body and surrounding environment in process of use and can be recycled after scrapping.

Machining parts are mainly used for electrical motors, housing and bracket. Welcome to order custom machined parts from HEWCHO!
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