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Machining refers to process of changing shape size or performance of workpiece through a kind of mechanical equipment. According to temperature of workpiece being processed, it can be divided into cold working and hot working. Generally, when it is processed at room temperature, and does not cause chemical or physical changes in workpiece, which is known as cold processing. Cold machining can be divided into cutting and pressure processing. Main cutting process includes lathing and milling processing, pressure processing mainly includes cold heading and stamping. Generally, when it is processed under higher temperature than normal one, and it will cause chemical or material phase changes of workpiece, ,which is known as hot processing. Heat treatment, forging, casting and welding are common in hot working.

Machining can also be divided into manual machining and CNC machining two major categories. Manual machining refers to the manual operation of milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and hacksawing machines by mechanical workers to achieve the processing of various materials. Manual machining is suitable for small batch, simple parts production. CNC machining refers that machinery workers use CNC equipment to process, including machining center, turn-milling center, WEDM equipment, thread cutting machine and so on. Most machine adding workshops adopt NC machining technology. Through programming, the position coordinates of workpiece in Cartesian coordinate system can be converted into programming language. The CNC controller of CNC machine tool controls the axis of NC machine tool by identifying and interpreting programming language, and automatically removes material according to requirements, so as to get the finished workpiece. CNC machining processes workpieces in a continuous manner, which is suitable for mass and complex parts.

Most industries use cnc machining products, including automotive, precision instruments, equipment manufacturing, sensors, electronics, home appliances, medical devices, communications, hydraulic systems, power systems, etc. Welcome to order from professional China cnc machining parts manufacturer!
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