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Mechanical manufacturing refers to industrial sector engaged in production of various power machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, tools, instruments, apparatus and other machinery equipment.

Production process
Production process of product refers to the whole process of transforming raw materials into finished products. Manufacturing process of mechanical products generally includes:

(1) Preparation of production and technology, such as design and manufacture of process planning and special process equipment, preparation of production plan, preparation of means of production, etc.
(2) Manufacture of blank such as casting, forging, stamping and so on;
(3) Machining, heat treatment and surface treatment of parts;
(4) Product assembly such as assembly, department assembly, commissioning and inspection, paint, etc.

As a supplier of mechanical parts, Ningbo Hewcho Industrial provides cutting, forging, stamping, heat treatment and surface treatment of parts.

Machining of spare parts includes production of blank and process of machining, special machining and heat treatment to make them qualified parts. Few number of parts are processed by chipless machining methods such as precision casting or precision forging. Production of blank usually includes casting, forging, welding and so on.

Commonly used machining methods are: Fitter machining, turning, drilling, planing, milling, boring, grinding, CNC machine tool processing, broaching, grinding, honing, etc. Common methods of heat treatment are: Normalizing, annealing, tempering, aging, tempering, quenching, etc. Special processing includes: EDM, WEDM, ECM, laser machining, ultrasonic machining and so on. Only according to material, structure, shape, size, performance and so on, can product quality be guaranteed and qualified parts can be produced.

Inspection is the use of measuring instruments for blank, parts, finished products, raw materials and so on for dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy detection, and identify the quality of the product through visual inspection, non-destructive testing, mechanical properties test and metallographic examination.

The measuring instrument includes a measuring tool and a measuring instrument. The commonly used quantities include steel ruler, tape gauge, Vernier caliper, caliper, plug gauge, micrometer, angle ruler, dial meter and so on, which can be used to detect the length, thickness, angle, diameter of outer circle, aperture and so on. In addition, the measurement of thread can be achieved through micrometer thread, three-needle measure method, thread template, thread ring gauge, thread plug gauge, etc.

The commonly used measuring instruments include buoy pneumatic meter, electronic meter, electric measuring instrument, optical meter, three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc., which can be used to detect the length, thickness, diameter of outer circle, aperture and other dimensions of parts, etc. The shape error and position error of the parts can also be measured.

Special inspection mainly refers to the detection of internal and external defects of parts. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a modern inspection technology detecting the defects of parts inside and outside without damaging the inspected object. Nondestructive testing methods include direct naked eye inspection, ray inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic inspection and so on. According to the purpose of nondestructive testing, appropriate methods and test specifications should be selected.
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