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How to Calculate the Processing Price of Stamping Dies Manufacturer How to Calculate the Processing Price of Stamping Dies Manufacturer

1. The calcutation of the processing price of stamping dies manufacturer

The processing price of stamping dies manufacturer is not fixed. It should be determined according to the specific drawings, but also according to the processing method of stamping dies manufacturer.

How to calculate the processing price of stamping dies manufacturer? Generally speaking, the price of stamping dies manufacturer is equal to the material cost plus the machining cost, plus the surface treatment cost and various taxes and profits. If the stamping dies manufacturer need to be formed, the forming fee should be added.

Tool cost: According to the estimation of the manufacturing method of stamping dies manufacturer, the minimum forming station is 1 station = 1 set of tools.

Stamping dies manufacturer die: According to the purpose of the die, choose different materials, processing machine size, processing quantity, precision requirements, etc.

Material of stamping dies manufacturer: According to the brand price, pay attention to whether it is special steel and whether it needs to be imported. In addition, there are shipping and taxes.

The cost of profit on tube sales is 15 to 20 percent.

For general custom metal brackets processing, the total price is usually as follows: total price = material cost + processing fee + fixed standard parts + surface decoration + profit + management fee + tax rate.

2. How to calculate the processing price of small batch stamping dies manufacturer?

Net weight of material (1.2~1.3) = gross weight. Calculate the material cost by multiplying the gross weight by the unit price of the material. The processing cost of stamping dies manufacturer is equal to the gross weight multiplied by the material cost.

The decoration fee for painting is generally calculated according to the net weight of the parts. Parts are calculated per kilogram, and spraying is calculated per square meter.

3. How to recalculate the processing price of large-scale stamping dies manufacturer?

If you have to use tooling for mass production of stamping dies manufacturer, you will get a premium on tooling and parts. If a die is used, the cost of processing stamping dies manufacturer can be lower, and the total profit is guaranteed by the production volume.

The raw material cost of a plant is generally the result of dividing net material by material utilization. Because there is a problem that the material cannot be used in the corners during the production of stamping dies manufacturer. Some of them can be used, but some can only be sold as scrap.

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