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Inspection and Maintenance of Custom Metal Stamping Die Inspection and Maintenance of Custom Metal Stamping Die

The stamping parts processing factory must inspect and maintain the above when producing and processing custom metal stamping dies, before installing and using custom metal stamping dies, during the installation process, during the production and use process, and even after the stamping production is completed. Today, we will introduce the inspection and maintenance of the mold after the stamping production is completed.

Ⅰ. Inspection of custom metal stamping dies after stamping parts production process

1. After the mold is in use, you can use the machine tool to open the mold cavity and use the tool to hold the slider on the machine tool. Under the premise of ensuring safety: clean the cavity; check whether the cavity surface is damaged and whether the guide column sleeve is loose; check whether the pressing and ejecting mechanism and the cutting edge are in good condition; check whether the positioning parts are correct and reliable; check the visible tightening Check whether the parts are loose; apply oil on the guide slide and working surface.

2. Clean the mounting surface of the custom metal stamping die and apply oil to prevent rust.

3. Unload the mold from the machine tool, and it should be hoisted steadily and slowly.

4. When changing the module of the frame longitudinal beam forming mold, the working surface in the mold seat cavity should be cleaned, and the mold seat cavity, cutting edge and adjustment block should be checked for damage. The removed modules should be gently placed in the designated positions in sequence, wiped and oiled to prevent rust.

5. Select the parts that are to be out of use in the custom metal stamping die for a comprehensive inspection.

6. After the inspection is completed, fill in the technical status of the mold on the mold regular maintenance card. The qualified ones are sent to the designated storage location in a timely and complete manner, and the unqualified ones are sent to the mold repair workshop.

Ⅱ. Inspection of custom metal stamping dies during production and use

The stamping parts factory should carry out the corresponding inspection work before using the stamping die. Next, let's introduce the necessary inspection work of the stamping die during use.

1. Before the mold is adjusted and started, the stamping die manufacturer should check whether there are foreign objects inside and outside the mold, whether the cutting edge fixing screws are loose, and whether the stamping sheet used is clean and clean.

2. Check whether there are foreign objects at the operation site, whether the ground is clean, and whether there are factors around that affect safe operation.

3. The forming die on the hydraulic press should adjust the pressing force, pressing force and leading angle, and check whether they are correct.

4. The first part of the mold after trial production is inspected as a sample, and the custom metal stamping mold can be mass-produced only after the quality inspection personnel judge that it is qualified.

5. In the process of using the mold, it is necessary to strictly abide by the operating rules. Regularly lubricate the surface of the workpiece and the movable mating surface of the mold, and clean up the waste in time.

6. During the stamping process, check the working state of the mold at any time, and stop immediately if any abnormality is found. Notify the team leader to determine the treatment plan, the team leader will fill in the mold repair report, and the mold team will carry out maintenance.

Custom metal stamping die is an essential tool for cold stamping, without it, there is no forming of stamping parts.

In particular, the production cost of precision custom metal stamping molds is even higher, so it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance from time to time to avoid damage. So as not to bring unnecessary economic losses to the stamping die manufacturer, but also affect the normal stamping production.

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