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Is Cold Heading the Same As Cold Extrusion? What's the Difference? Is Cold Heading the Same As Cold Extrusion? What

Cold forging china is for the most part the same standard deformation production process as Cold extrusion products, but in practice the methods of operation are slightly different. Cold pier is classified as a forging deformation of smaller and medium sized steel parts and is commonly used in the industrial production of standard parts. Cold extrusion, on the other hand, is classified as an extrusion forming process for large steel parts and is more commonly used.

I. What does cold extrusion mean?

Cold forging China is to put the metal material embryo into the cold extrusion die core, in the room temperature, according to the press on the fixed immovable die seat to the embryo pressure, so that the metal material embryo caused plastic deformation and the production of parts processing method, it is obvious, cold extrusion production process is to rely on the grinding tool to control the metal material fluidity, rely on the metal material volume of many migration to form parts.

If the embryo is not heated to carry out extrusion molding, it is called cold extrusion. Cold extrusion is no cutting, less cutting CNC lathe machining process in a, so is the gold plastic deformation production processing in an excellent processing process way. If the embryo will be heated to processing hardening temperature below the temperature to carry out extrusion molding, it is called warm extrusion molding. Warm extrusion forming still has the advantage of less cutting.

Cold forging technology is a high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality, low-consumption excellent production process, more often used in the industrial manufacturing of small, medium and large cast steel parts. Compared with hot forging, warm forging processing technology, can better save building materials, environmental protection and energy saving, and can improve the quality of cast steel parts, improve the natural environment of work.

At this stage, cold extrusion technology has been in the standard parts, machinery and equipment, instrument panels, household appliances, light industry, aviation, ships, military and other industrial sectors to obtain more common use, has become the plastic deformation of metal materials, volume forming technology in the essential key production processing methods in one.

II. What is Cold forging china?

The cold heading process is one of the new technologies in the production and processing of metal materials without drilling . It is a production process that uses the plastic deformation of the metal material caused by external forces and, by virtue of abrasives, causes the volume of the metal material to spread and migrate again, thus producing the necessary parts or blanks.

Cold heading process because of the high production efficiency, excellent product quality, and greatly reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce costs and improve the standard of workers, and therefore more and more commonly used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, in which the use of the most symbolic goods, is the ground bolts, screws and nuts and other cold heading parts.

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