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Multi Station Cold Forging Non-standard Hollow Nut Iron Sleeve Multi Station Cold Forging Non-standard Hollow Nut Iron Sleeve

Cold forging: it is a forging forming method that uses the plastic deformation of metal under the action of external force, and uses cold mechanics to press or cold draw with the help of die to achieve the purpose of metal solid deformation and roughen the top of bar or wire rod at room temperature. Cold forging technology is mainly used to produce cold forging solid parts, such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, pins and other parts. Cold upsetting is usually carried out on special cold upsetting machine, so as to realize continuous, multi station and automatic production. In the cold heading machine, the processes of cutting, heading, accumulating, forming, chamfering, rolling, warping and trimming can be completed successfully. The diameter of the maximum cold heading workpiece with high production efficiency is 48mm. The process diagram of cold forging bolt is a typical process of cold forging bolt. The multi position automatic cold forging machine for nuts is a big power automatic cold heading machine. The bar is automatically fed into a certain length by a feeding mechanism, which cuts it into blank, and then sent to the accumulation pressing and punching station for forming cold heading products by the clamp transmission and processing. The surface of the products looks beautiful and has a good finish.
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