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Processing of Stamping Parts Manufacturer During and After Machining Processing of Stamping Parts Manufacturer During and After Machining

The number of processes for stamping parts manufacturers mainly depends on the size, precision and material properties and complexity of the workpiece geometry. In specific circumstances, the influence of various factors such as actual molding capacity, stamping equipment conditions, production batch, and process stability should also be considered.

On the premise of ensuring the quality of stamping parts manufacturer, in order to improve economic efficiency and production efficiency, the number of processes should be as small as possible.

1. What principles should stamping parts manufacturers follow when processing?

First of all, the number of steps of the drawing part is related to the material properties, drawing height, number of drawing stages, drawing diameter, material thickness and other conditions, so the number of steps must be determined by drawing technology calculation. When the fillet radius of the stretched part is small or the dimensional accuracy is high, a shaping process needs to be added after stretching.

Secondly, when the stamping parts manufacturer's requirements for section quality and dimensional accuracy are high, it can be considered to add a repair process after the blanking process or directly use the fine blanking process.

Third, in order to improve the stability of the stamping process, it is sometimes necessary to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of the stamping parts manufacturer. For example, the addition of curved parts, hole punching in positioning technology, increasing deformation in forming technology, reducing hole punching, shifting deformation areas, etc.

Fourth, the number of processes for parts with complex shapes mainly depends on the complexity of the structure and shape of the stamping parts manufacturer. Depends on the number of elbows, their relative positions and the direction of the elbows. When the bending radius of stamping parts manufacturer is less than the allowable value, the shaping process should be added after bending.

Fifth, stamping parts manufacturers with simple punching shapes are completed by single-process molds. For blanking workpieces with complex shapes, due to the limited structure and strength of the mold, the inner and outer contours should be divided into several parts for blanking, and multiple stamping processes are required.

For stamping parts manufacturers with high flatness requirements, a leveling process needs to be added after the stamping process.

2. How to deal with stamping parts manufacturer after processing?

The stamping parts manufacturer needs to be cleaned in time after processing. In fact, its cleaning mainly includes two categories, namely industrial cleaning and precision industrial cleaning.

General industrial cleaning includes surface cleaning of vehicles, ships and aircraft, stamping parts manufacturer precision industrial cleaning includes process cleaning of various products and surface cleaning of various materials and equipment.

First of all, the main methods of deoiling of stamping parts manufacturer include organic solvent method, chemical method, electrochemical method, water-based cleaning agent, etc. Trichloroethylene is a common organic solvent that does not completely remove glossy waxes, especially metal oxides.

The carbides and brighteners on the metal surface cannot be cleaned effectively. Trichloroethylene is not only toxic, but also easy to hydrolyze if used improperly. Trichloroethylene will corrode metal stamping parts china in wet conditions.

Secondly, use hydrocarbon type hardware cleaning agent, which has good degreasing and degreasing effect, and has good degreasing effect on stamping parts manufacturer and other metal parts during cleaning. It is also non-corrosive to copper, stainless steel and other materials, and the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

Finally, it is the stamping parts manufacturer that uses ultra-precision industrial cleaning. Ultra-precision industrial cleaning refers to ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic parts and optical parts in the process of precision industrial production to remove particulate matter in dust.

The above is the processing work of stamping parts manufacturer after processing. It can only get a complete and beautiful final product after cleaning.

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