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  • Alloy Steel CNC Machining Parts
    According to the different elements, and take appropriate processing technology, obtain high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance.... Alloy Steel CNC Machining Parts
  • Aluminum CNC Milling Parts
    Aluminum is a versatile material and has become an indispensable engineering material in today's manufacturing industry. Especially where mass has to be moved or saved, aluminum cnc parts... Aluminum CNC Milling Parts
  • Cold Forging Bolts
    According to the way of the connection of the force: points for ordinary and hinged holes. According to the shape of the head: Hexagonal head, round head, square head, countersunk head and so on... Cold Forging Bolts
  • Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
    The density of aluminum is only 2.7 g/cm3, which is about the density of steel, copper or brass, a third.In most conditions, including air, water, or salt water), petroleum chemistry... Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
  • Brass CNC Milling Parts
    Depending on the requirements, brass is mixed with certain alloying elements, such as aluminum or tin. Therefore, brass spare parts have optimum thermal and electrical conductivity... Brass CNC Milling Parts
  • Cold Forging Bushing Sleeves
    The bushing and sleeve is used for the outside of the mechanical parts, in order to achieve the sealing, wear protection and other functions of the match, refers to the role of the liner ring... Cold Forging Bushing Sleeves
  • Brass CNC Machining Parts
    Brass is an alloy of composed of copper and zinc. Only made up of copper, zinc, is called the ordinary brass, if it is by two or more elements of a variety of special brass.... Brass CNC Machining Parts
  • Carbon Steel CNC Milling Parts
    Carbon Steel is one of the most widely used materials in machining, which is why milling steel (conventional or automated) has become an indispensable machining process for many steel grades... Carbon Steel CNC Milling Parts
  • Cold Forging Flange Parts
    Ningbo Hewcho have more than 10 years experience of cold forging flange parts. We have developing and manufacturing cold forming parts made of carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel... Cold Forging Flange Parts
  • Carbon Steel CNC Machining Parts
    Carbon steel is the carbon content was 0.0218% ~ 2.11% of the iron carbon alloy.Also called carbon steel.Usually contains a small amount of silicon, manganese... Carbon Steel CNC Machining Parts
  • Stainless Steel CNC Milling Parts
    Stainless steel milled parts are components made of alloyed or unalloyed steels with a high degree of purity and a sulfur and phosphorus content of less than 0.025 percent... Stainless Steel CNC Milling Parts
  • Custom Precision CNC Milling Parts
    CNC precision milling belongs to the group of separation methods and is based on a computer-aided numerical control. In the machining process, in contrast to CNC turning... Custom Precision CNC Milling Parts
  • Customized Cold Forging Nuts
    Ningbo Hewcho is a professional manufacturer of nut forming dies. We offer you a broad spectrum of weld nuts, flange nuts, locking nuts, hexagon long nuts, square nuts and stainless acorn nuts... Customized Cold Forging Nuts
  • Hydraulic Brake Hose Fittings
    Hydraulic brake hose fittings is a coupling, other than a clamp, design for attachment to the end of brake hose.They are mainly used in brake systems to provide connections、seals... Hydraulic Brake Hose Fittings
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