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Cold Forging Parts Cold Forging Parts

Cold forging in China is a metal production process of forming technology in which bodies of various shapes are produced from steel blanks, disks or bar sections. When forming, the material is displaced at room temperature from an open die or a press bushing by the pressure of the press ram, wherein a change in cross section occurs - the workpiece is plastically deformed.

Pressed parts produced by this process are characterized by extremely high strength and special surface quality. Parts that will be indispensable in the automobile of the future despite their lightweight construction and new materials.

Featured CNC Forging Parts

  • Cold Forging Bolts
    According to the way of the connection of the force: points for ordinary and hinged holes. According to the shape of the head: Hexagonal head, round head, square head, countersunk head and so on... Cold Forging Bolts
  • Cold Forging Bushing Sleeves
    The bushing and sleeve is used for the outside of the mechanical parts, in order to achieve the sealing, wear protection and other functions of the match, refers to the role of the liner ring... Cold Forging Bushing Sleeves
  • Cold Forging Flange Parts
    Ningbo Hewcho have more than 10 years experience of cold forging flange parts. We have developing and manufacturing cold forming parts made of carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel... Cold Forging Flange Parts
  • Customized Cold Forging Nuts
    Ningbo Hewcho is a professional manufacturer of nut forming dies. We offer you a broad spectrum of weld nuts, flange nuts, locking nuts, hexagon long nuts, square nuts and stainless acorn nuts... Customized Cold Forging Nuts
  • Cold Forging Pins
    Through cold forging, we produce custom pins suitable for use in mechanical engineering, automotive industry, furniture, medical , electronics and other precise locating applications... Cold Forging Pins
  • Cold Forging Rivets
    Rivet is a nail-shaped item used to connect two parts (or components) with a through hole and a cap at one end. In riveting, riveted parts are connected by self-deformation or interference... Cold Forging Rivets

Which materials are suitable for cold forging parts?

For cold forging, steel grades are suitable which, when annealed, have a low yield strength and a high elongation at the lowest possible flow curve.

The special strength characteristics of cold forged products

Due to the strain hardening during forming a substantial change in the strength properties takes place during extrusion. Hardness, breaking strength and yield strengths are dramatically improved, while elongation and breakage are reduced. Thus, low-carbon strength steels are achieved, which equates to alloyed steels. The fatigue strength and durability of cold-extruded workpieces is significantly higher than from machined, sintered or even welded components.

Low price with the best service

In order to constantly offer our customers cost and service advantages in services such as cold forging and even to expand them, we have built up a network with strong partners since the founding of our company. The well-established workflow with these partners guarantees an optimal price-performance ratio and enables us to meet even the very short-term wishes of our customers.

As a forging parts manufacturer, the company provides cold forged products.



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