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Aluminum CNC Service Aluminum CNC Service

With the development of building doors and Windows, curtain walls, vehicles, ships and automation equipment, aluminum machining service center has gradually developed into an independent processing center. According to the characteristics of aluminum, aluminum cnc service center has the ability of milling groove, drilling, tapping, etc. And the function of milling plane/surface, spot facing, bore a hole and so on is rarely used in aluminum machining service. Due to the characteristics of the processing objects, the design of aluminum machining service center is very different from the general processing service center from structural layout, technical parameters to numerical control system.

The aluminum beam and frame aluminum of general equipment all need deep processing before being used. They need to saw, punch, tap, mill, and so on. There are general processing services and CNC process services in domestic aluminum machining service. Select the machine according the precision of aluminum parts and aluminum alloy.

Aluminum CNC milling service

Notice of aluminum CNC service

1.In aluminum cnc service, the speed of white steel knife should not be too fast.
2.When the workpiece is too high, it should be separated by different lengths.
3.After separating it with a large knife, remove the remaining material with a small knife to ensure that the remaining amount is consistent.
4.The surface should be machined with flat bottom knife and less ball knife so as to reduce machining time.
7.The four corners of the table should be flat.
8.Working with a bevel cutter where the slope is an integer, such as a tube bit.
9.Be careful in aluminum cnc service. Before each process, figure out the remaining amount so as to avoid cutting with empty or excessive machining.
10.Take a simple knife path as far as possible, such as shape, grooving, one side, and less surrounding height.
11.In the rough process of aluminum cnc service, don't complicate simple problems.
12.The staff in aluminum cnc service should first do rough machining, then the fine machining when using laser to beautify workpieces’ shapes
13. Set tolerances reasonably to balance machining accuracy and computer computing time in aluminum machining service. When opening, the tolerance is set to 1/5 of the margin, and when using light knife, the tolerance is set to 0.01.
14. Do more work to reduce the idle time in aluminum cnc service. Think more and make fewer mistakes. Draw more auxiliary line and surface to improve the processing.
15. Be responsible. Carefully check each parameter to avoid rework.
16. Diligent in learning, good at thinking and making continuous progress. Aluminum cnc service ask workers to think more and do the right choice. When milling uneven plan, use more ball knife, less end knife. Use the small knife in cleaning the horn, the big knife in refined repairing. Do not be afraid of filling, filling can improve the processing speed and beautify the workpiece.
17. In aluminum cnc service, different material should be dealt in different ways.
Blank material with high hardness: up milling is better.
Raw material with low hardness: climb cutting is better
Machine with high accuracy, rigidness, fine machining: more suitable for climb cutting. reverse more adaptive to reverse milling. It is strongly recommended to use down milling to finish machining the inner corner of the part.
Rough processing services: up milling is better. Finishing services: climb cutting is better.
Good toughness and low hardness of tool materials: more suitable for rough machining (large machining)
Poor toughness and high hardness of tool materials: more suitable for finishing (small cutting)

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