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CNC Cutting Service CNC Cutting Service

The commonly used CNC cutting services are mainly divided into flame cutting services and plasma cutting services, each of which has its own advantages. What is the main difference?

Flame CNC cutting service

CNC cutting service

Principle of CNC cutting service

Flame cutting is the oldest form of thermal cutting. It raises the temperature of the flame through the combination of gas and oxygen. When the temperature is beyond the point of ignition or melting of the metal, cutting can be achieved. The process is accompanied by melting.

Oxygen CNC cutting service

CNC flame cutting is also called flame gas cutting. After preheating the cutting place of the workpiece to a certain temperature by the heat energy of the gas flame, the cutting flow is ejected at a high speed to make it burn and give off heat. Then cutting can be achieved.
Plasma CNC cutting service
1.Working principle of Plasma CNC cutting service
The plasma equipment we use now is mainly air plasma. It is composed of electric control system and nozzle. The electric control system produces an arc which is compressed by compressed air and ejected from the nozzle.
3.Scope of application of CNC cutting service
Numerical control plasma device can cut stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, more wide application range. Its cutting speed is fast, thermal deformation is small, cutting surface bright and clean, which all can improve production efficiency. Therefore, it has been widely used in recent years.

Daily use and maintenance

Numerical control plasma equipment has very high requirements on electricity and gas. If air cutting is used, the plasma equipment must be equipped with a filter device to exclude water, oil and impurities in the air compressor. What’s more, the plasma equipment is with a detection function.
The plasma equipment in use today is basically equipped with a cooling system. The equipment is equipped with water tank, and the cooling water should be added regularly. If it exceeds -30c in winter, propylene glycol should be added to prevent freezing.

Keep an eye on the wear and tear of the vulnerable parts. Its loss can be judged by listening, seeing and using frequency. During cutting, if the sound is particularly harsh and the cutting surface quality drops, it is time to replace the wearing parts. The vulnerable parts on the cutting saw body are mainly composed of electrode, nozzle, protective cap, vortex ring and fixed cover. There is a difference between domestic consumables and imported consumables. Although the price of domestic consumables is cheap (the price of imported consumables is twice that of domestic consumables), the economic effect of imported consumables is more than four times that of domestic consumables (calculated by actual comparison).

In daily work, it is necessary to check whether the grounding line is well connected, and clean the plasma power regularly to avoid poor heat dissipation and affect the performance of the plasma equipment.

To sum up, the advantages and disadvantages of CNC flame cutting service and CNC plasma cutting service are obvious. The CNC flame cutting service is suitable for thick plate cutting, with smooth cutting surface and vertical degree guaranteed. While the CNC plasma cutting service is mainly applicable to thin plate cutting and special plate cutting. CNC plasma cutting service has small thermal deformation and fast cutting speed. In the ordinary production process, we can make up for our deficiencies by drawing on each other's strengths to improve production efficiency and ensure the quality of cutting.

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