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With the increase of the number of high-precision, high-hardness mechanical parts, as well as the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, the performance, variety and output of grinding machines are constantly improved and increased.
  • External cylindrical grinding machine: It is a common basic type series, mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical external surface grinding machine. 
  • Internal cylindrical grinding machine: it is a common basic type series, mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical inner surface grinding machine. In addition, there are grinding machines with both internal and external grinding. 
  • Coordinate grinding machine: an internal grinding machine with a precision coordinate positioning device. 
  • Centerless grinding machine: the workpiece is uncentered, generally supported between the guide wheel and the bracket, and the workpiece is rotated by the guide wheel, which is mainly used for grinding the cylindrical surface. For example, bearing shafts and so on. 
  • Surface Grinding Machine: A grinding machine mainly used for grinding workpiece surface. A. Hand grinder is suitable for small size and high precision workpiece processing, which can process various shaped workpieces including curved surface, plane, groove, etc. B. Large water mill is applicable to the processing of larger workpieces with low machining accuracy, which is different from hand grinder. 
  • Belt Grinding Machine: A grinding machine that grinds with a fast-moving belt. 
  • Honing machine: It is mainly used for processing various cylindrical holes (including optical holes, axial or radial discontinuous surface faces, through holes, blind holes and multi-step holes), as well as tapered holes, oval holes and trochoidal holes. 
  • Grinding machine: A grinding machine for grinding the inner or outer surface of a workpiece. 
  • Guide grinding machine: It is mainly used in grinding machine tool guide surface grinding machine. 
  • Tool Grinding Machine: Grinding machine for grinding tools. 
  • Multi-purpose grinding machine: It is used for grinding cylinder, conical inner, outer surface or plane, and can use servo device and accessory to grind a variety of workpieces. 
  • Special grinding machine: Special machine tool for grinding certain parts. According to its processing objects, it can be divided into: spline shaft grinding machine, crankshaft grinding machine, cam grinding machine, gear grinding machine, thread grinding machine, curve grinding machine and so on. 
  • End surface grinding machine: A grinding machine for grinding gears.

Surface Grinding Service

The external cylindrical grinding machine is a grinding machine for cylindrical, conical or other cylindrical surfaces of the workpiece and the end surface of shaft shoulder. It is the most widely used and can process a variety of cylindrical conical outer surfaces and shaft shoulder end grinding machine.

Among all grinding machines, external cylindrical grinding machines are the most widely used type of machine tools. It is generally composed of the basic part of the cast iron bed, workbench, supporting and driving the workpiece to rotate the head rack, tailstock, grinding wheel mounted grinding wheel rack (grinding head), control grinding workpiece size of the lateral feed mechanism, control the movement of machine parts electrical and hydraulic devices and other major components. The external cylindrical grinder can be generally divided into the ordinary cylindrical grinder, universal cylindrical grinder, wide grinding wheel cylindrical grinder, end face cylindrical grinder, multi-grinding wheel rack cylindrical grinder, multi-grinding wheel cylindrical grinder, cut-in cylindrical grinder and special cylindrical grinder.

Forge services

Thread Grinding Service

Thread grinding machine is a thread processing machine that uses formed grinding wheels as grinding tools to process precision threads. Thread grinder is mainly used in the production workshop and tool workshop of the machine manufacturing industry. It is used mostly in the workshop of a tool factory and measuring tool factory to produce thread processing tools and thread measuring tools. The layout of the universal thread grinder is similar to that of the external cylindrical grinder. The worktable moves on the lathe bed for longitudinal feed motion (see machine tool). The grinding wheel frame is used for lateral feeding (see figure) to grind workpieces with different lead angles. The grinding wheel shaft can rotate to a certain angle in the vertical plane. In order to eliminate the reversing gap during the two-way grinding, a clearance eliminating mechanism is provided in the transmission chain. The machine tool has a shovel mechanism and a pitch cumulative error correction mechanism. All kinds of precision threads (such as external thread, an internal thread, taper thread and multiple threads, etc.) can be ground by single thread and multi-thread grinding wheel. Machine tools are widely used for processing thread gauges, thread rolling wheels, ball screw, ball nut, worm, tap, hob, thread milling cutter and other threaded parts. This machine tool has a complex structure and many accessories. It is mainly used for tool shop.

Grinding Service

Universal Grinding Service

Cylindrical, conical or other shaped surfaces of the outer surface and the end face of the grinding machine. The workpiece is supported between the two tips of the headframe and the tailstock and is rotated by the dial of the headframe for circular feed motion. The headstock and tailstock are mounted on the workbench for longitudinal reciprocating feed motion (see machine tool). The workbench is divided into two layers, and the upper working table can adjust a small Angle to grind the conical surface.

Spindle Grinding Service/ Shaft Grinding Service

The spline shaft grinder is a precision CNC machine tool for grinding high-precision spur or spiral spline shafts, spline broaches, plug gauges, rolling wheels, and gears. Its grinding principle is forming grinding, that is, the cross-section of the grinding wheel shaft is trimmed into a section corresponding to the gear tooth groove, and the forming grinding process is performed.

Grinding Service

Centreless Grinding Service/ Roll Grinding Service

The centerless grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine which does not need to use the axle center of the workpiece for grinding. It is mainly composed of grinding wheel, adjusting wheel and workpiece support. The grinding wheel actually takes the grinding job, adjusting wheel controls the rotation of the workpiece and the feed speed of the workpiece. As for supporting the workpiece during grinding, these three parts can be matched in several ways. Except for stopping the grinding, the principle is the same.

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