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Metal Machining Services Metal Machining Services

The major metal machining services for components include machine work, punching press, precision casting, powder metallurgy and metal injection modeling.

 Detailed explanations of the classifications of metal machining services:

The first kind of metal machining services: machine work which shows that a kind of mechanical equipment changes the dimensions, shapes or performances of work piece. Based on the processing methods, there are cutting processing and press working.

The second metal machining services: punching press which depends on external force exerted by press machine and mould to panels, strips, tubing and structural parts, causing plastic deforming or separation so as to acquire the needed sizes and shapes of work pieces (stamping).

There are other metal machining services like non-traditional machining, laser processing, electric discharge processing, supersonic working, electrolytic working, beam of particles processing and ultra high-speed processing, etc. Turning, milling, forging, casting, grinding, numeral control and CNC digital controlled center are parts of metal machining services.

The metal machining services are used for processing of all kinds of components.

The followings also belong to metal machining services.

1. Drilling sercvice
Drilling is used for the processing of solid metal by a roller bit of spiral drill. The lathe for drilling is called drill machine which contains many model numbers and specifications. In addition, drill machine can carry out other processing. If drilling a hole, the place of work piece should be fixed and tight; the bore bit will rotate and work at the same time.

2. Turning and boring a hole
Ordinary machine tools are most popular among turners. Turning is to cut off the metal from work pieces. When the work pieces rotate, the tools cut into them or have turning along them meanwhile.

Boring a hole is a processing method used for enlarging or further machining towards those drilled or cast holes. Boring a hole on the lathe is finished through the rotation and cutting of single-point

3. Milling service
Milling is the use of rotating tools to remove the metals, which has multiple cutting edges named milling cutter.

4. Grinding service
Grinding is a kind of machining method using a grinding wheel to cut the metals off. Grinding is precision processing towards components, after which the sizes will be accurate and the surface is clean. When grinding the round work piece, the work piece rotates and in the meantime it feeds the grinding wheels. If a flat component is grinded, the component will move back and forth under the rotating wheel. Grinding technique is usually applied for fine finishing of the parts that have gone through heat treatment, helping them reach the precise sizes.

5. Planning of shaping machine, housing pane and slotting machine
All these processing can produce precise flat surface with a single-point tool. We should understand the differences between planning of shaping machine, housing pane and slotting machine. Using the first one, the work piece feed should go into the tools which will be to and fro motion on the work piece. The second one implies that when the tools cut the component or have feed for work piece, the work piece will have back and forth movement under the tools.

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