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Digital controlled lathe is able to have complicated shape of gyrator processing. Metal milling service is to fasten the semifinished products which will be cut by speedy rotating milling cutter for needed shapes and features. Traditional metal milling service tends to form simple outlooks of milling rough sketches and grooves. Digital controlled lathe can process complex appearances and features. Boring and milling machining center can handle the processing of three or more axises, which is used for machining, moulds, checking-tools, patterns, thin-walled complex surface, artificial prosthesis and blades, etc. When choosing the processing contents of digital controlled milling, we should promote it to play a pivotal role and bring its superiority into full.

Metal Milling Process description
It is a common metal cold working pattern, differing from turning with its tools rotating quickly in the main bearing while its work piece stays relative rest.

The differences between CNC turning service and metal milling service
CNC turning service is for the components of gyrator. It will place the components on the main bearing of the lathe by means of three-jaw chuck, and make them rotate rapidly. Then, according to the generatrix, it uses tools to cut out the shape of product. The bores, screws and texturing can be processed on the lathe but the latter two are being machined at a low speed.

Metal Milling Service

Metal Milling Processing technology
(1) the curved profile, straight line, circle, screw thread or helical curve of work piece, especially the curved profiles of non-circular curves and tabular curves given by mathematical expressions.
(2) space curves or curved surfaces have been offered by mathematical models.
(3) though the forms are simple, the positions with complicated sizes and difficulties in detection.
(4) when using common lathe, it is hard to observe, control and detect the lumen and the inside box.
(5) the holes or flat surfaces with strict requirements of sizes.
(6) the ordinary surfaces or shapes can be processed once incidentally during the clamping.
(7) aiming at general processing contents, taking advantage of digital controlled milling can increase the productivity and reduce the labor intensity efficiently.
The main manufacturing objects that are suitable to digital controlled milling are the components of face profiles, variable angles, spacial surfaces, bores and screws.

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