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Precision Machining Services Precision Machining Services

Manufacturing industry is an important pillar of the national economy of a country or region. The advanced manufacturing technology is the production of mechanical engineering technology, electronic information technology (including microelectronics, optoelectronics, computer software and hardware and modern communication technology), automation technology, as well as material technology and modern management technology. The goal of advanced manufacturing technology is to achieve high quality, accuracy, saving material, saving energy, cleanness, efficiency and flexible production, which can meet social needs. That is what the precision machining services can provide.

Precision machining services is an advanced manufacturing technology developed to meet the needs of modern high-tech, and it is the basis of other high-tech implementation. The development of precision machining services has also promoted the development of machinery, hydraulics, electronics, semiconductors, optics, sensors and measurement technology, as well as material science.

Precision Machining Services

Generally, according to the machining accuracy, machining can be divided into three stages, general processing, precision processing, and ultra-precision processing. At present, precision machining service refers to the processing technology with the machining precision of 1 to 0.1µm and the surface roughness of Ra 0.1 to 0.01µm. However, this limit is constantly changing with the progress of processing technology. Today's precision machining may be the general processing of tomorrow.

There are two problems to be solved in precision machining service. Firstly, machining accuracy, it includes geometric tolerance, dimensional accuracy and surface condition. Secondly, machining efficiency. Some machining can achieve better machining accuracy while being difficult to achieve high machining efficiency.

Precision CNC machining services is based on the process of micro-cutting materials to obtain extremely high shape precision and surface finish by using the relative motion between parts and cutters with strict constraints on ultra-precision machine tools. Ultra-precision machining used in precision CNC machining services refers to the machining technology that the dimension precision of the part being processed is higher than 0.1um, the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.025um, and the resolution and repeatability of the positioning accuracy of the machine tool are higher than 0.01um. It is also called sub-micron machining technology, and is developing towards nano-machining technology.

Ultra precision machining of precision CNC machining services includes microfabrication, ultra-microfabrication, finishing, final finishing and other technology.

Micro machining technology of precision CNC machining services refers to the manufacturing technology of micro-sized parts. In addition, ultra-micro machining technology refers to the manufacturing technology of ultra-micro-sized parts. They are developed for the manufacturing requirements of integrated circuits. Because of their super small size, the precision is expressed by the absolute value of the cut-off size, rather than the by the ratio of the real size and the size error of the processed parts.

Finishing generally refers to the method of reducing the surface roughness and improving the mechanical properties of the surface layer. It does not focus on improving the machining accuracy. The typical processing methods are honing, grinding, superfinishing and chip-free processing. In fact, these machining methods can not only improve the surface quality, but also improve the machining accuracy. Precision machining service provides finishing process, which refers to the machining method that not only reduces the surface roughness and improves the mechanical properties of the surface layer, but also improves the machining accuracy (including the size, shape and position accuracy).

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